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Placement Test and Registration: Spring 2017

This form is for NEW, FULL-TIME, ACCEPTED students who have not attended another college. Please complete this form once you have submitted the $50 tuition deposit or obtained a waiver. Combined Days offer both testing and registration on the same day. Check-in begins at 9:30 AM and you should be finished by approximately 3 PM. Placement testing must be completed prior to registration. Based on Regents exams, SAT and/or ACT scores or previous college credits, you may not need to complete a full placement test. If you are exempt from placement testing, only select a registration session. For further assistance please contact the Admissions Office by dialing (518) 562-4170 or emailing

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 I am a new full time student, I have not attended another College.
 I am a new part time or transfer student from another College. To register contact the Counseling & Advisement Office (518)-562-4199

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You have three options to consider when scheduling your test and class registration appointment:

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