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Nursing Admissions

Nursing applications are available and accepted between October 1 - February 1 each year, for the class beginning the following fall. Nursing candidates must complete the Nursing application during this time-frame in addition to the standard Clinton application for admission. If you have previously applied to Clinton, it is not necessary to re-apply using the standard application. 

We invite you to review the Nursing Program Admission Information to become familiar with our Nursing program and its requirements.

For more information about the nursing application process or academic program, please contact the Admissions office via phone at (518) 562-4170 or via email Admissions Office.

Overview of Nursing Program Admission                                   

The Nursing Admissions Committee at Clinton Community College welcomes applications from all individuals who meet all academic and health requirements, who possess the intellectual, emotional and ethical capabilities to undertake the curriculum and achieve the competency level required for safe, effective nursing practice.  Applications are encouraged from:

  • High school seniors or recent high school graduates with strong science and mathematics achievement.
  • Current college students attending Clinton Community College or any other college.
  • College graduates.
  • Individuals interested in making career changes. 

The admissions process is very competitive due to the high number of applicants.  Candidates are urged to review the general college and specific nursing admission requirements, which are cited in the college catalog.  Each applicant must successfully complete (“C” grade or higher) all pre-requisite courses before applying for entry into Nursing.

The admissions process requires the following: 

All Candidates

  • Demonstrate competency in basic mathematics (eligible for Mat 101 or higher).  Competency may be determined by CCC Placement Test, SAT or ACT.
  • Candidates for the two-year nursing program must demonstrate competence in college level writing equivalent to Eng 101 – English Composition.
  • Submit ACT and/or SAT results if available.
  • Submit the Clinton Community College Admissions application between October 1 - February 1.  Apply on line or complete a paper application. 
  • Submit the Clinton Community College Nursing application between October 1 - February 1.
  • Submit official high school transcripts or copy of GED.
  • Submit official transcripts from all previous colleges attended.
  • Submit required health forms upon acceptance. 

For Candidates Who Are Currently in High School

  • Completion of a college preparatory high school program which must include for (4) units of English, three (3) units of social science, two (2) units of mathematics and three (3) units of natural science (biology and chemistry required).  Students are expected to have an overall high school average of 80 or better.  In order to be competitive, applicants should have high achievement in all courses with particular emphasis on Regents Science courses. 

Candidates Who Lack High School Course Requirements

  • Lacking high school biology – candidates must have a college biology course.  CCC equivalent is Bio 101.
  • Lacking high school chemistry – candidates must have a college chemistry course.  CCC equivalent is CHE 101.
  • Individuals possessing a General Equivalency Diploma (GED) are eligible if they successfully complete college level equivalent courses.

In addition to the above requirements, in order to be competitive many candidates choose to complete general education and science coursework required for the nursing degree prior to entering the nursing program.  These courses include English 101, Psychology 230, Psychology 101, Sociology 101, Biology 226, Biology 227 and Biology 204.  High grades are required to be competitive for admission.  Emphasis is specifically placed on achievement in science courses.

The Filing Period for All Nursing Program Applicants for the Entering Fall Semester is:  October 1 – February 1.  Applications Received After This Period Cannot Be Guaranteed Review.  
The Admissions Committee will begin making admission decisions shortly after the February 1 deadline.  Applications will be considered until the application process is complete and all requested materials have been received in the Admissions Office.  Admission decisions affecting currently enrolled Spring Semester Clinton Community College students, may be deferred until final grades are received.  If there are remaining seats available after February decisions are made, new applicants may be accepted by the Admissions Office until the entering class is filled.

Students seeking an opportunity to be considered for admission to the Nursing Program, who lack pre-requisite courses or who apply to the College too late to be considered for the current nursing entering class may be admitted to the College in a Liberal Arts curriculum and work toward becoming competitive applicants for the subsequent admissions cycle.

Students not accepted into the Nursing Program are invited to pursue other career options offered by the College.  The Career Planning Office and Counseling Office will offer advising and counseling regarding alternative choices in career options.

Criteria for Admissions Decisions

Admissions decisions are based upon the following criteria: 

  • Weight is given to each applicant’s overall academic achievement, since it is an indication of proven ability and motivation to succeed in the Nursing Program.
  • Particular emphasis is given to achievement in laboratory science courses since much of the applied clinical coursework depends upon a thorough understanding of chemistry, anatomy and physiology as well as microbiology.
  • Level of achievement in college level work for those individuals who have prior college level courses.
  • The Admissions Committee will use SAT or ACT test scores in consideration of applicants, if they are available, but these test results are not required.  However, all applicants are required to take the College Placement Test for placement purposes only, unless the student has successfully completed college level English and math courses.
  • The essay narrative provides the student an opportunity to communicate openly with the Admissions Committee in a personal way regarding values, personal and career goals and achievements.
  • Personal character and professional references are required and are considered important, due to the high standards of conduct expected in the nursing profession. 

Admission Acceptance Methods

Applicants may be accepted in the following manner:

  • Accepted to Two-Year Nursing – Selective admission.
  • Accepted to the Three-Year Nursing - Selective admission that guarantees the student a spot in the clinical portion of the nursing program in their second year.  Students who are admitted to this option must receive grades of “C” or higher in all math and science courses to continue to the Two-Year program.
  • Accepted to the Liberal Arts/Nursing Preparation- Open admission.  Students are admitted to the College.  The first year of study is identical to the first year in theThree-Year program listed above, except that the student does not receive a guaranteed spot for the clinical portion of the program.  Students enrolled Liberal Arts may apply for Fall admission to the Two-Year Nursing program between October 1 - February 1 of their first year or any subsequent application period. 

Health Requirements

Accepted candidates must comply with all college and clinical affiliate health requirements prior to the start of the nursing program.  Annual updates also required.

Transfer Credit

Transfer procedures for credit earned at another institution are stated in the College Catalog and should be reviewed.  Official transcripts for prior post-secondary education must be submitted.  .  Students who have attended another nursing school must submit a letter from the prior school concerning the withdrawal and ability to return.  Credit for prior science courses (Anatomy and Physiology, and Microbiology) will be considered if the course(s) have been taken within five (5) years of admission to Nursing.

Former Nursing Students Seeking Re-admission to Nur 104, 105, 201, 202 or 203

Student seeking readmission who have been out of the program for two years must re-establish their baseline competency by written and performance tests. Readmission Process

Former Nursing Students Seeking Re-admission to Nur 103, Fundamentals of Nursing
A letter of application must be submitted to the Admissions Office by February 1 for the subsequent fall semester to be reviewed by the Nursing Admissions Committee along with all freshman applicants.  The letter must include adequate evidence to support the re-admission request.  Adequate evidence includes:

  • Recognition of the deterring factors in the previous program attempt.
  • Evidence of remediation of the deterring factors.
  • A plan for achieving successful completion of the Nursing Program.
  • One (1) letter of reference from a professional source.