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Angela Barnaby - Advisee Information

Welcome Advisees! The purpose of this page is to keep us in touch and up-to-date on your academic progress. Below I have provided contact information, outlined my expectations of you as well as what you can expect from me, and I have further provided links to academic resources.

You may call, leave a note or email me at Angela.Barnaby to discuss an academic issue or to schedule an appointment. You may also stop in my office during my scheduled office hours.

Your Responsibilities as an Advisee:
Schedule recommended/required appointments throughout the semester (See "When Should I contact my Advisor" below)
Keep all scheduled appointments; contact me via the phone, a note, or email if appointments cannot be kept
Be prepared for all meetings; be familiar with your degree requirements, academic schedules, and college policies
Prepare a list of desired and alternative course prior to your registration appointments
Prepare a list of questions and concerns prior to all meetings

My Responsibilities as Your Advisor:
To offer advisement about CCC regulations and procedures as well as the campus resources available to you
To provide guidance and referrals when academic problems or other difficulties arise
To encourage you to become involved in the CCC community and make the most of your college experience
To assist you in making short-term and intermediate decisions which will assist you in accomplishing your life-goals

To offer assistance in selecting courses which will fulfill your academic requirements and will provide you will a balanced set of course during your CCC career

When Should I Contact My Advisor?
recommended that you contact me within the first few weeks of classes to touch base; contact me earlier if you have a question or a problem arises

required that you schedule a meeting during the college's advisement and registration period; at this time I will have an expanded schedule of office hours posted outside of my office door

recommended that you meet with me again, later in the semester, to review your progress and objectives

the bottom line is that you should contact me whenever you have a question or concern about your academic progress at CCC or have any problem or concern and do not know where to turn

Links to Academic Resources at Clinton Community College:
Master Course Schedule

View course listings for current and subsequent semesters

Graduation Requirements with links to Graduation Worksheets

Requirements to participate in December or May graduation ceremonies with links to worksheets for all CCC degrees

College Calendar

Lists important dates for the current academic year