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Awards Dinner Review

Thursday, March 16, 2017


On Tuesday, March 7th, 2017, members of the Clinton Community College Men's and Women's basketball teams, their coaches, the Clinton CC Athletic Director, Dr. Todd Roenbeck, Dean John Borner, and President DiPasquale met to recognize the efforts of a long and honorable season.

From the beginning, these student-athletes faced great challenges. October brought the unexpected loss of their teammate, Akeem Carr-Foster. Akeem's death had a profound impact on the team as a whole, causing two players to take leave from school to recover. The teams and coaches remembered Akeem on Tuesday night, acknowledging how well the players came together to support one another during such a difficult time.

Dr. Todd Roenbeck shared his appreciation for the players' attitudes throughout the season saying, "When I come in to work or when I'm at the games, I feel safe, and I thank you for that. It's not everywhere you can feel that anymore and it says something. It says something about you players and it says something about the way we run our program."

Clinton Community College President, Ray DiPasquale, also spoke highly of the teams that evening. President DiPasquale is new to Clinton and to the Plattsburgh area. His words took a personal tone as he explained, "Ultimately, I'm here because of Athletics." It was athletics, he said, that helped him through the death of his father when he was 15 years old. "Now, I wake up every day and control my attitude. I lead by example to motivate my team," he said, referencing the CCC community.

President DiPasquale hopes to grow athletics during his tenure at Clinton by underscoring the importance of academics. "Stay eligible!" he told the players. This year Men's Basketball Coaches, Kevin Daugherty and John Mockery held extra tutoring sessions each week throughout the semester to help keep the student-athletes on track academically.

With every player on the women's team taking the lead, regionally, in some statistical category, and with the excellence in character that these men have shown despite the odds, there is a lot to be proud of this year for the Basketball Program at Clinton Community College.