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Welcome to Career Services

Our mission is to provide CCC students with opportunities for personal development, to navigate career and educational pathways, and successfully access different experiences across the region.

The Career Services Office offers a variety of services that are intended to benefit the educational experiences of the entire student and alumni population. At Clinton Community College, Career Services understands the relationship between career exploration, academic advisement, experiential learning and post-graduate readiness. This understanding drives the mission of this office. Students need to take action to: develop personal awareness about occupational/personal interests, choose a degree program that enhances these interests and individual strengths, and then make a connection between the degree and employment or transfer opportunities. Career Services strives to facilitate these needs.

Planning for a career also includes understanding degree requirements, why those requirements are important to educational goals, and how those goals will impact academic purpose (transfer or work). This all occurs on an individual timeline. Career Services is available for students to discuss these issues so the decision making process is based on understanding the information.

When students are unsure of their academic/personal purpose, career counseling can help identify individual abilities, skills, values and interests, and relate them to the world of work. Through professional counseling, Career Services provides a combination of career/interest inventories, advisement and experiences to assist students in clarifying the career/degree decision making process. The results of these can facilitate action for connecting personal interest with academic purpose.

Transfer planning is not difficult, however, it is a process. Items to be considered include; college visits, applications, official transcripts, credit evaluation, essays, academic requirements, financial aid, housing arrangements, major choice, etc. Career Services in tandem with Transfer Counselors can help you understand the requirements and process of transferring, so that it is a rewarding experience. 

Additional services & resources include:

  • Career planning (resume writing, interviewing skills, job search)
  • Choosing/changing majors
  • Academic advisement
  • On-campus job recruitment
  • Professional Development
  • Experiential/Applied Learning Experiences (volunteering, job shadowing, cooperative educational experiences, internships)
  • Career-resource library
  • Job announcements
  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing
  • Professional Portfolio
  • Job Searching and Interviewing skills

Career Services Office

Moore Building Rm. 229
Clinton Community College
136 Clinton Point Drive
Plattsburgh, NY 12901

Phone: 518-562-4345
Fax: 518-562-4159