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Ausable Valley Central School: College Advancement Program Classes

All course offerings are contingent upon approval of the course and instructor at the location by Clinton Community College.

CRI10101VIntro To Criminal Justice32/3/2020 - 5/15/2020STAFF
ENG10202VLiterature & Composition32/3/2020 - 5/15/2020Waterhouse, John D.
FRE10202VElementary French II32/3/2020 - 5/15/2020Worthington, Samantha M.
HIS10201VHistory Of Modern America32/3/2020 - 5/15/2020Frazer, William
SPA10201VElementary Spanish II32/3/2020 - 5/15/2020Ramos, Lesley A
ART10301VIntroduction To Drawing39/5/2019 - 1/24/2020Conklin, Rebecca S.
ENG10101VEnglish Composition39/5/2019 - 1/24/2020Bombard, Lindsey R.
FRE10101VElementary French I39/5/2019 - 1/24/2020Worthington, Samantha M.
FRE10102VElementary French I39/5/2019 - 1/24/2020Worthington, Samantha M.
HIS10101VHistory Of Early America39/5/2019 - 1/24/2020Frazer, William
HPE10101VPersonal Health39/5/2019 - 6/19/2020Maiorca, Steven N.
HPE10102VPersonal Health39/5/2019 - 6/19/2020Maiorca, Steven N.
MAT16101VElementary Statistics39/5/2019 - 6/19/2020Vincent, Cassandra L.
MAT22401VCalculus I49/5/2019 - 6/19/2020Knapp, Jennifer M.
SPA10101VElementary Spanish39/4/2019 - 1/24/2020Ramos, Lesley A