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CCC Receives Donation from Meadowbrook Healthcare

Monday, June 16, 2008

On June 4, 2008, Vicki Marking, Community Relations Coordinator for Meadowbrook Healthcare presented a $1,000 gift to the Clinton Community College Foundation. The funds will be applied to the tuition of the 2008-2009 recipient of the Meadowbrook Healthcare Nursing Scholarship. This will be the fifth time CCC is able to offer the Meadowbrook Healthcare supported scholarship.

Steven Frederick, Dean of Development and Alumni Affairs, Dr. Kathleen Kasprzak, Director of Nursing and Allied Health, and Dr. Frederick Woodward, Interim President were all present to accept the generous gift on behalf of Clinton Community College.

L-R: Steve Frederick, Vicki Marking, Kathleen Kasprzak, Frederick Woodward

Vicki Marking remarked, "It is an honor to have the opportunity to deliver this gift to the Clinton Community College Foundation on behalf of Meadowbrook Healthcare.  Meadowbrook's nursing department is the backbone of our organization.  We want to help CCC to insure that aspiring nurses in our community are able to achieve their goals and help us to continue to provide quality healthcare services in our area." 

The Meadowbrook Healthcare Nursing Scholarship is an invaluable gift, as it covers nearly two thirds of the entire cost of a semester at Clinton Community College. This greatly off-sets the cost of education and allows a promising future nurse the ability to focus heavily on their studies.

On behalf of the Clinton Community Foundation, Steven Frederick emphasized the importance of Meadowbrook Healthcare’s kindness, “Unfortunately, the cost of postsecondary education acts as an obstacle for many deserving and intelligent people. I would be hard pressed in trying to articulate the magnitude a gift such at this can have for a person. I am not exaggerating when I say receiving the Meadowbrook Healthcare Nursing Scholarship could mean the difference between being able to attend college or not for a CCC nursing student. This is a tremendous gift.”