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Members of CCC Nursing Faculty Find Unique Ways to Expand Their Knowledge

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

 Katrina Evens, assistant professor of nursing at CCC, has authored an article that was selected for publication in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing through the journal’s writing mentorship program. The article is about the phenomenon called Chemo Brain; the physiological process that affects cognitive functions in the brain as a result of chemotherapy and suggests steps medical personnel can take so they can better educate patients and their families. The article will be featured in a late summer issue of the magazine.

Oncology is Evens’ specialty. When she completed her nursing program at SUNY Plattsburgh, she started working with oncology patients on R5 at CVPH and loved it. Evens felt a special bond with those patients in her care that had lung cancer as she lost her father to lung cancer while a senior in high school. One of her goals has been to write, something she has always wanted to find time to do. Upon reading an ad in the Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing calling for articles, Evens thought, "Wow that’s perfect!" and submitted the application. She learned not long after that her article was accepted. Feeling good about the balance between work and her writing, she is already planning her next article. It will be called, "Survivorship."

Elizabeth Bailey, professor of nursing at CCC for 17 years, has chosen to spend her semester break volunteering her time and talent in Nepal. As a volunteer through the Global Volunteer Network, she will receive her training in the Kathmandu Valley before becoming part of an education program designed to help the Nepali people learn to read and write English. She will also help screen children needing medical care, arrange transportation to medical care, and help organize medical records.

Bailey explained she has always wanted to be a part of a program such as this and finally it has all come together for her. Although somewhat apprehensive about what she will encounter, Bailey recently learned that a 2008 CCC nursing graduate, Priya Bajracharya, currently employed at CVPH, is from the area in Nepal not far from where she will be staying. Bajracharya arranged for Bailey to be in touch with her parents. And, although they are the only people Bailey will know in the area, she is pleased to have the connection.

Bailey had hoped to be able to do a blog while in Nepal however, access to the Internet is very limited, and so she said she will take photos and try to keep a journal.

Cara Padovano, assistant professor of nursing at CCC, was accepted into Rutgers University Nursing Doctoral Program. Padovano, who has a Master of Science in Nursing and is a Family Nurse Practitioner, joined the staff at Clinton in 2007. Most of her clinical experience has been in maternity, pediatrics and newborn nursery.