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Student Senate and Senator Receive ATFN Honors

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


The CCC Student Senate and individual student senator Kathleen Dumont were among the list of Community Champions honored at the Adirondack Tobacco Free Network’s, (ATFN) luncheon held on March 5, 2010 at the Westside Ballroom. The award was presented by Linda LaFave, of Colleges for Change Program (C4C), the ATFN member organization that focuses on engaging young adult leaders to work on and off college campuses to limit where and how tobacco products are promoted, advertised and sold, and to advance local and statewide policy action to prevent and reduce tobacco use.

Kathleen Dumont, a CCC student senator was honored for her leadership role in raising the awareness of smoking on campus. Kathleen’s main concern was from a health perspective, in that non-smokers would often be forced to walk through second-hand smoke at building entrances and she felt this was unacceptable. She made every effort to discuss the best way to resolve the smoking situation with staff and students on campus. She diligently gathered information identifying which areas on campus could possibly be designated as smoking areas and then recommended that gazebos be installed in those areas. The result would be the elimination of smoking from all main entrances to campus buildings as well as other public areas around campus.

Tobi Hay, coordinator of campus advising/student leadership, accepted an award on behalf of the CCC Student Senate. The Student Senate took the initiative to designate a smoking policy that limits the areas where smoking is allowed on campus and agreed to help support the gazebo project financially. C4C is providing financial support for two of the gazebos and the Alumni Association and the Faculty Student Association have agreed to pay the balance. The four gazebos will be installed sometime in the spring, two near the Moore Academic and Administrative Building, one near the Stafford Center for Arts, Science and Technology, and one at the residence halls. The new policy goes into affect June 1st.

Student Senators, Brooke Perry, Derek Leslie, Beverly Boatwright, Victoria Cauthorn,

Student Senators, Brooke Perry, Derek Leslie, Beverly Boatwright, Victoria Cauthorn, Kenneth Karnley, Jamie Graves and Tobi Hay