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Clinton is Going Green

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

UPDATE: A number of media outlets attended Clinton's ZeroSort news conference Wednesday morning.  Here's a look at the article posted by Denton Publications. Click here to read it.

PLATTSBURGH, NY – Clinton Community College is making sure its lasting impression has nothing to do with clogging up our landfills. Clinton is the first college in the area to participate in Casella’s ZERO-SORT® Recycling service.

Clinton Community College’s Director of Buildings and Grounds, John Conley said, “When we took a look at the amount of trash being hauled off this campus, we knew we had to find a better solution.”

In an effort to reduce the amount of recyclables and trash being thrown into waste containers, college officials decided to make the switch from traditional trash disposal to Zero-Sort®.

Strategically placed recycling stations now take the place of garbage cans that used to be in classrooms and hall-ways. The recycling stations contain a Zero-Sort® recycle bin, a trash bin and a returnable bin. The Zero-Sort® bin will be for items such as cardboard, paper, plastic, glass, and metal. All other waste will go in the trash bin. The third bin will be for cans and bottles that can be redeemed.

“Our Earth Day Committee has been integral in helping with recycling efforts and keeping up with the bottles and cans we collect on a daily basis around campus now.” Conley said. “The money collected from those cans and bottles is split between the college’s Earth Day Committee and the CCC Child Care Center.”

Zero-Sort® Recycling was first introduced to the Northern New York area in November of last year.The recycling system uses mechanical sorting equipment to separate each individual material for resale to a manufacturer to use as raw materials for new products.

Casella Division Manager, Bill Meyers said, “Zero-Sort® allows people to toss all of their recyclables into one container instead of separating each item saving our customers time, effort and money.”

The initial cost of Zero-Sort® is about the same as traditional service, but Casella officials say the cost savings can be seen in as little as two to three months after the start of the program.

“Zero-Sort® works for this campus because it not only allows us to build on the recycling efforts already in place at our college, but it will eventually lead to a decrease in our waste disposal costs” Conley said. “Another real benefit here is time management. Zero-Sort® Recycling cuts down on the amount of time the Buildings and Grounds department spends on separating recyclables from trash so they can focus on other jobs.”

CCC President John Jablonski said he is happy his campus was able to find a recycling program that not only makes good financial sense, but allows the college to join in on the “green” movement.

“It’s so important for our campus community and the outside community to know that Clinton is committed to making its facilities as eco-friendly as possible without sacrificing service.”

For more information on Zero-Sort Recycling click here