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International Experience Program Being Offered for Spring Semester

Friday, November 09, 2012

PLATTSBURGH, N.Y. (November 9, 2012) Clinton Community College is now offering an "International Experience" Program that will include a trip to China during the Spring 2013 semester.

The course title is "HUM 285 International Experience in China." Students will develop skills and strategies to have a successful international study experience in China, enhance cross-cultural skills, and learn basic knowledge of the Chinese language, history and culture. This course begins in the spring semester and continues for two weeks beyond the end of the semester with travel and study in Dalian, a seaside city, and Beijing, the capital of China.

Study abroad has a transformative, highly positive effect on your educational growth. When you study abroad, you:
-Develop a global perspective through a cross-cultural immersion learning experience
-Learn about how things are done in other parts of the world
-Make new friends
-Gain a new perspective of yourself and your own culture
-Expand your worldview
-Develop career and personal skills that will help you compete in a global market
-Enhance the value of your degree
-Those who study abroad are more likely to graduate from college. College studies also show that students who study abroad graduate at higher rates.

The Clinton Community College Foundation is now offering an International Experience Scholarship.
The scholarship will financially support Clinton students to participate in the HUM 285 International Experience program. The goal of the scholarship is to encourage students to develop a globally engaged perspective through a cross-cultural learning experience abroad. Upon completing the study abroad, students will share how the experience has enhanced their understanding of other cultures in informal meetings with other students interested in studying abroad.

The scholarship will be awarded based on students’ GPA, recommendations from faculty/staff, and an essay that outlines how they feel their educational goals will benefit from the study abroad and how they will contribute to promoting a global perspective in their community/on campus.

Submit completed scholarship applications to the Clinton Foundation, on or before December 10, 2012. The maximum award amount is $3,000.

For more information contact Diane Parmeter or come to one of the informational preliminary meetings to determine your study abroad options at 12 noon in room 455M on one of the following dates: November 12 or December 3, 2012.