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Board Announces Jablonski's Resignation

Monday, June 09, 2014

Clinton Community College Board of Trustees announces that John E. Jablonski has resigned as President of the College, effective June 12, 2014.

Fred Smith, current Interim Vice President for Student Affairs has been named Administrator in Charge. Mr. Smith has been the Interim VP for this past academic year, and has a great deal of experience with higher education and the SUNY system. When the Board of Trustees meets on Tuesday, June 17, they will commence the process of obtaining an Interim President. Once an Interim is in place and accepted by the SUNY Board of Trustees, the process of the search for a new President will begin.

Nina Coolidge, Chairperson of the Board of Trustees states, “The Board wishes John well in his new endeavors. The Board of Trustees is committed to the College, educating our students and maintaining the facilities to provide a good education to the residents of our County and all entering students. We will move forward to provide businesses with quality graduates, and students the opportunity to move into employment or transfer and complete additional higher degrees. Our administrative staff, faculty, and support staff are of high quality and will continue with the committed Mission of the College.”

Clinton Community College is a member of the State University of New York system, and was rated one of the best community colleges in the nation.