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Gender Neutral Housing Feature in the Press Republican

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Featured in the Press Republican, July 5

By Ashleigh Livingston 

Starting this fall, Clinton Community College's on-­campus students will have more freedom when it comes to selecting a roommate.

The school will debut a gender-­neutral housing option, which will allow students "to choose a roommate, regardless of their gender, gender identity or gender expression," according to the college. “It’s a way to be more inclusive and give students options,” CCC Director of Campus Life Sarah McCarty told the Press ­Republican. 

While the college's two residence halls are already co-ed, roommates are of the same gender. For the upcoming semester, however, half of a floor in Champlain Hall will be reserved for those who wish to share a room with the opposite sex or an individual who is transitioning gender. “If it becomes super popular, then we would open up to a floor," McCarty said. And it's possible an entire residence hall could be designated for gender-­neutral housing in the future if it proves to be in high demand, she noted.

The new option has already been added to the college's housing license agreements for 2015­16. “We have some students that have already chosen it," McCarty said.


Gender-­neutral housing has been met with excitement on recent campus tours by students, as well as parents, who have said they wish they had been given the option when they were in college, according to the campus life director. “There are a lot of other well­known institutions all over the country that do it,” she said.

The offering is one of many initiatives aimed at enhancing the student experience at CCC, according to Edward Lis, executive director of the college's Faculty Student Association. The campus will soon be selecting a new food­service and vending provider, he told the PressRepublican, "who can offer a dining program that is dynamic, ever changing and evolving to keep up with trends."


The CCC Bookstore will also undergo some changes, as it has partnered with Follett, an Illinoisbased retailer of educational technology and content. "With Follett support, the CCC Bookstore has access to the largest inventory of course materials and a network of more than 7,000 publishers and providers to offer the greatest selection of affordable options," the college said in a media release. "These options include a growing rental library that saves students, on average, 50 percent or more compared to purchasing a new textbook."


In addition, the partnership will make numerous digital learning technologies available to students, according to the school. “Our vision and operational plan for the CCC Bookstore will come to life with on­site renovations and the build­out of a robust e­commerce platform usable across any device or operating system platform," Lis said in the release. "The result will be increased course material options for students and faculty, an outreach program engaging the campus community and the innovative use of modern technologies and resource tools."

“When students come back, a lot of really cool things are going to be here for them,” McCarty told the Press­Republican.