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New Part Time Student Scholarship

Wednesday, May 03, 2017

Clinton Community College is on a mission to give Clinton County the best skilled workforce in New York State. In light of the great opportunity the Governor’s Excelsior Scholarship offers to full-time students, CCC has added a new scholarship for adults who, due to life responsibilities, can only go to college part-time. The adult population of Clinton County deserves a chance to prepare for better and new careers that are coming to the region, and this will help build the County’s skilled workforce sought by businesses considering investments in our area. In words of Dean of Enrollment Management, Anna Miarka-Grzelak, “for adults, it’s never really a good time to come back to school. Their loved ones are always a priority for them and they face a lot of barriers, with time and money being the biggest ones. We’d like to help eliminate these barriers. With this scholarship, students spend very little, they can take their time fitting college in their busy lives, and we’ll make sure they get support at every step to succeed.”

The college has secured funding in the budget to guarantee a 90% discount on tuition and fees for the first 50 qualified applicants. The key requirements to participate in the scholarship include a commitment from students to take one course this summer and then two courses each term until graduation. Students would pay for their first two courses (if no financial aid applies; financial aid may be used to cover these first two courses, further reducing the student’s out-of-pocket costs); all remaining courses to complete their degree would be paid for by the college. The scholarship will cover up to 60 credits for an associate degree. Applicants must be Clinton County residents who graduated from high school or stepped out of college prior to June 1, 2015 and do not already have a degree. All details are available at

Students must apply for financial aid; if any of the applicants qualify for some financial aid, the scholarship funding may be used to serve even a larger number of students. “Many adults do not realize that they may qualify for financial aid. We’re going to do our best to find funding for them, so this new scholarship can be utilized for as many adult students as possible” said Mary LaPierre, CCC’s Director of Financial Aid. “These are exciting times at Clinton,” added President DiPasquale, “we are focusing on innovative ways to help empower our community and we are very excited to welcome all new students.”

Due to the limited number of funded spots, to be considered for this scholarship, all interested persons must submit their name and contact information at CLINTON.EDU/TIME by MAY 31, 2017 and follow the provided instructions including the submission of the CCC application, financial aid forms, and high school and/or college transcript(s). A college representative will follow up with all interested persons to discuss their goals, answer questions, and ensure a smooth process. Then, like all CCC students, they will receive a dedicated advisor to help them plan and succeed in their chosen program.

For more information contact Dean of Enrollment Management, Anna Miarka-Grzelak at 518-562-4171 Anna B. Miarka-Grzelak.