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Taking the "scary" out of College Math

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Clinton Community College President, Ray M. DiPasquale, is pleased to announce that the college is introducing a new way of learning math – Quantway courses. This Fall semester Clinton is introducing a successful alternative to the traditional math classes for non-calculus track students. Quantitative Literacy I and II courses have been developed to provide an alternative to the traditional introductory algebra and intermediate algebra sequence of courses. “We get many students for whom math is a source of extreme anxiety,” said Anna Miarka-Grzelak, the Dean of Enrollment Management. “I met many students who wanted to come back to college but wouldn’t because they didn’t want to take math. We realize it’s a very real fear for many people and that’s why our faculty decided to train in this new method” she added.

The sequence of courses follows the Carnegie Foundation Math Pathway’s Quantway curriculum and is intended for non-STEM (math, science, computer science and technology) students and non-business transfer students. Quantway approach transforms introductory college math and takes the anxiety out of learning it. “Most math classes I would go to I would have anxiety about. They’d just give me a sheet of equations and say, “do them.” Now I actually enjoy coming to class… It has definitely changed the way I think about math, and it gives me inspiration that I can do it” said one of Quantway students from the Carnegie program.

Students learn math concepts through exploring real-world problems, they use data to solve problems, and work with other students to answer open ended questions. This way of learning math addresses socio-emotional factors that affect student success. It’s an innovative curriculum that provides students with a conceptual mathematical understanding and quantitative tools to use in their daily lives. The registration for the Quantitative Literacy I is now open with Fall classes starting Aug. 28.