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New Applied Psychology Degree

Monday, August 14, 2017

Clinton Community College President, Ray M. DiPasquale, is pleased to announce that the college has added a new degree program: Applied Psychology. This Associate of Science degree is the only 2-year SUNY psychology degree offered in the North Country and the only 2-year degree in applied psychology. The program provides considerable advantages to those who are looking to secure employment in personal and home health care. Many human service agencies including, but not limited to, retirement homes, assisted-living, and advocacy centers would find an employee with this degree valuable. Students who complete the program will have knowledge in Liberal Arts as well as in the areas that focus on the application of learning and behavior to enhance the lives of children and adults who are struggling with behavioral and/or developmental disabilities.

Clinton’s offerings will include developmental, social, and abnormal psychology, plus applied behavior analysis. In addition, courses in humanities, writing, natural sciences, and statistics will improve critical thinking and communication skills.

Students who earn an A.S. degree in Applied Psychology will have met the seamless transfer requirements to transfer into a SUNY four-year college or university. "The greatest benefit of earning this degree is that the students will leave knowing how to apply what they've learned in each of their psychology classes. Upon graduation, the student is able to transfer to any four-year SUNY institution as a rising junior with an advanced understanding of how to better align their aspirations and psychology-related careers," said Jarrod Cone, Assistant Professor in the Social & Behavioral Sciences department at Clinton.

The purpose of the program is to provide qualified employees/managers to the many human services and home health care organizations in the region, as well as to provide students the foundation they need to develop the skills and expertise to secure mid to upper level employment in the vast array of career paths that encompass the psychological/human services field.

Anyone interested in the program should contact the Admissions Office at 562-4170. There is still time to enroll for the upcoming Fall semester. Current Clinton students can learn more by calling the Counseling/Advisement office at 562-4199.

Contact Jarrod P. Cone for more information.