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Spring Second 7 Week Courses

Monday, February 26, 2018

Earn up to three credits in seven weeks by taking a Second 7 Week course. Second 7 Week courses are a great way to get ahead or maintain your credit load for financial aid.

Second 7 Week courses begin March 26, there is still time to sign up.

New students are welcome to register for Second 7 Week courses.  

Spring 2018 Second 7 Week Courses:

  • Personal Finance  (Online + OER!)
  • Business Law II  (Online!)
  • Intro to Microcomputer Applications  (Online + OER!) 
  • Computer Security and Society (Flex schedule option!)
  • Seminar In Health Career Pathways (for HCS students only)
  • Hiking & Camping
  • Racquetball
  • Career Fitness
  • Introduction to the Arts
  • Intro. Basic Counseling Skills for Human Services Professionals  
  • Library Research Skills  (Online + OER!)
  • Foundational Skills in Science
  • Elementary Spanish II  (Online!)
  • Wind Energy Safety at Height and Rescue

Note: OER courses use "Open Educational Resources" instead of traditional textbooks. A fee of $10 replaces the cost of the textbook, often a significant cost savings!