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New English A.A. Degree

Monday, August 13, 2018

Clinton Community College President, Ray M. DiPasquale, is pleased to announce that the college has added a new degree program: English Associate of Arts (A.A.). The English A.A. is an interdisciplinary program designed for students who wish to major or minor in English at the baccalaureate level, and is only the second English A.A. degree being offered in New York State.

“Clinton is always looking for ways to better serve the academic needs of students,” states President DiPasquale. “This new degree – only the second English A.A. degree being offered state-wide - presents a wonderful opportunity for students to gain valuable skills that can be applied in such diverse career fields.”

Clinton’s program fulfills requirements for SUNY seamless transfer, meaning that graduates have the opportunity to transfer into an English bachelor’s degree program at a SUNY four-year college or university, entering with “junior” status. Having completed two full years of a four-year degree at Clinton yields a significant cost savings to students. Completing two years at Clinton before transferring to get a bachelor’s degree also means an easier transition from high school to college, and greater academic success for many students.

“The opportunity to seamlessly transfer is a hallmark of the SUNY system. By earning their English A.A. degree at Clinton, students benefit from cost savings and our renowned support services while completing their first two years of college,” adds DiPasquale.

Graduates with the English A.A. degree may seek career opportunities in diverse fields — such as creative, professional and/or institutional writing, education, and others. They may also use the acquired skills to pursue a variety of other degrees, like law, education, public relations, and many others that require strong verbal and writing skills. Clinton’s program will focus on reading literary texts from various periods, developing critical skills required to analyze and write about these texts, as well as studying and practicing a variety of writing techniques. Students will have the option to follow a literature track, writing track, or a combination of the two.

Clinton’s offerings will include a variety of writing and literature courses, such as Early American Literature, Introduction to Fiction, World Literature, Newswriting, Technical Writing, Creative Writing, and others. “Clinton has always offered a variety of writing and literature coursework,” states English Professor and Department Chair, Carey Goyette. “It is exciting that now students can complete their English degree at Clinton, and easily advance to get a bachelors. There are so many career options that require the critical thinking and communication skills afforded by an English degree.”

Anyone interested in the program should contact the Admissions Office at 562-4170. There is still time to enroll for the upcoming Fall semester. Current Clinton students can learn more by calling the Counseling/Advisement office at 562-4199.

Visit the degree and program page for more information or contact Carey L. Goyette .