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CCC Rated Top for Job Placement

Friday, August 31, 2018

CCC President, Ray DiPasquale, is excited to announce that Clinton Community College has been ranked the top Junior College in New York State for job placement ratings. The College was found to have the highest percentage of people employed after graduation in New York State for 2-year colleges, third in the Northeast, and 19th in the nation!

The recent study was conducted by McLeod Brown of, a company based out of California whose goal is to “help students find and pursue a career path and improve career outcomes.” Their findings placed Clinton at the top of the list for percentage of graduates who are employed, 10 years after beginning as a student at Clinton. The “Best Junior Colleges for Employment in Each State” study was completed using College Scorecard data, which is compiled from IPEDS, Department of Education, U.S. Department of Treasury, and other sources.

“This ranking is a pleasure to hear, but not totally a surprise,” states President DiPasquale. “Clinton’s programs are strategically designed to prepare our students for successful employment and provide them the best outcome possible. We consistently hear from local employers - manufacturers, CVPH, state agencies – about how valuable Clinton graduates are.”

Clinton’s technology, criminal justice, and nursing programs have historically boasted high job placement rates for graduates. With the opening of the Institute for Advanced Manufacturing, the introduction of new degree programs in areas such as business, health services, and English, as well as new student services such as the addition of a dedicated Career Services Office, Clinton expects to see the graduate employment rate continue to rise.