Criminal Justice A.A.


The Criminal Justice A.A. Degree Program is a comprehensive curriculum dealing with the broad field of criminal justice. Students will complete a course of study that gives them a strong foundation of knowledge about crime, crime causation and criminal justice institutions. Students will also take course in the various disciplines that make up the overall category of liberal arts: humanities, social sciences, mathematics and science.

Program Mission:

The mission of the Criminal Justice A.A. Degree Program is to provide criminal justice majors with a broad-based educational experience that provides a core of general education, and that prepares them for transfer into criminal justice baccalaureate programs at four-year institutions.

Program Goals:

The program will assist students:

  • develop a thorough knowledge of the components of the criminal justice system and how they interact with each other.
  • expand communication skills
  • develop a range of skills including critical thinking and problem solving
  • transfer to a four-year program.



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Program Type:

Associate Degrees


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