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Kindle Loan Program

The Douglas Library has an Amazon Kindle for use by CCC students, faculty and staff.

The Kindle can be checked out at the library circulation desk.


The Kindle will circulate for a seven-day loan period to users with a valid Douglas Library

borrowing card. The Kindle cannot be renewed. Borrowers must complete a loan agreement

accepting responsibility for any loss or damage to device or accessories, and agree to replace these

items with new packaged replacements.

Instructions for use of the Kindle

Before using the library Kindle you must create an Amazon account through the

website. You can then register your account through the library Kindle. If you already have an ac­count you do not need to create a new account. When you return the library

Kindle, please deregister your account. The library staff will reset the Kindle to its factory settings.


To register or deregister the library Kindle:


1. Press the Home button.

2. Press the Menu button. Make sure that Whispernet is turned on.

3. Move the 5-way controller down until “Settings” is underlined and press to select.

4. Press the 5-way controller to select “register” or “deregister” from the Settings screen.

5. If you’re registering the Kindle, enter your user name and password (the e-mail

address and pass­word associated with your Amazon account) using the keyboard.

6. Navigate the 5-way to select “OK” to finish the process.



 Registering if You Don’t Have an Account


1. From a personal computer visit the Manage Your Kindle page.

2. On the sign-in screen, enter the e-mail address you want to use for your account.

This e-mail ad­dress will be the one Amazon uses to send you updates about your orders.

3. Don’t enter a password. Check the button next to “No, I am a new customer.” and then click the

Sign in using our secure server button to continue.

4. Enter your name and verify your e-mail address on the Registration screen.

5. Enter a password for your new account and click the Continue button. You will be asked to

enter the same password twice to make sure it is correct.

You can find out more about Kindle readers on the Web at: , Amazon Kindle Tip Sheet, Amazon Kindle Touch Tips