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Commuter Dining Plan

1. Who is eligible for the Commuter Dining Plan?

All commuter students. Full-time commuter student (12 credits) will have the cost applied to their tuition bill. Part-time commuter students may purchase a Commuter Dining Plan online ( or in person at the FSA Business Office, Room 112M.

2. What is included in the Commuter Dining Plan?

$50 flex dollars that can be used in any dining venue.
3. When do the flex dollars and meals expire? Meals expire after each semester. The flex dollars carry over from fall to spring, but not year to year.
4. How do I use flex dollars? Flex dollars are a set dollar amount that is part of your Commuter Dining Plan that can be used for food purchases throughout the semester like a prepaid debit account. When using flex dollars for your food purchases on campus you don’t pay NY sales tax—an 8% savings!
5. Can I add more flex dollars to my account? Yes. You can always add flex dollars to your account online ( or in person at the FSA Business Office, Room 112M.
6. Can I lend my card to someone else? No. Commuter Dining Plans are nontransferable. Only you are permitted to eat using your student ID card.
7. Is it mandatory to have a dining plan? A fee will be applied to your tuition bill automatically. This fee for the Commuter Dining Plan is optional. You can opt-out by visiting the FSA Business Office by Friday, September 1.