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Gender-Neutral Housing

New! Gender-Neutral Housing at Clinton

What is gender-neutral housing?

Gender-neutral is an on campus housing option that allows the student to choose a roommate, regardless of their gender, gender identity, or gender expression. Allowing for gender neutral housing, as opposed to co-ed, shows more inclusiveness and room for diverse identities.

Will the entire residential campus be gender neutral housing?

No, we will designate one area (depending on popularity) to gender-neutral housing and continue to house all other students the same way as we currently do. We will start with one section of a floor in Champlain hall.

Who can sign up?

Any student that is at least 18 years old when they arrive at check-in.

How do students apply to live in gender-neutral housing?

Simply check the box on your housing application that asks if you are interested. If you already filled out an application, or forgot to elect this option, please call the FSA at 518-562-4371 with your request no later than July 1st. If you know who you want to live with, please write their name under information that will assist us in housing you.

Are students guaranteed to live in gender neutral housing, if they apply?

No, only one area of a building will be designated to this.

What if my gender neutral roommate moves out?

If a roommate of a student in gender-neutral housing elects to change their housing or moves out during or between semesters, the student moving out, or the students remaining in the space should contact the Director of Campus Life with another roommate to fill the vacancy. If the space is not filled by an agreed date, the Director of Campus Life reserves the right to assign any student who agrees to the gender-neutral housing contract to the vacant space. Other cancellations will be handled on a case-by-case basis: students should work with the Director of Campus Life or Residence Director to fill any mid-semester vacancies. If the space cannot be filled, the Director of Campus Life has the authority to relocate the remaining resident(s) to a single gender room, which may be on a different floor or in a different building.

Will the FSA prevent students who are dating from living together?

Gender-neutral housing is not intended for romantic couples, however, we respect and honor the privacy of our students. We do not require students to disclose the reason for their roommate requests. We encourage students to make mature decisions about their living arrangements, and make roommate choices that will help them be successful at Clinton.

What if a student’s parent or guardian doesn’t want their students to live in gender neutral housing?

We encourage students to maintain an open dialogue with their families so that they can be supportive of a student’s housing decision. We require students to be at least 18 to sign up for gender-neutral housing. We want our students to choose their path at Clinton and will not change a request, unless the student asks for it themselves.


Please contact the Director of Campus Life at 518-562-4381.