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Below are offered by Businesses/Foundations in our own community.  -Apply directly to the source.

CSEA Local 884 Scholarship (Deadline April 30)

CSEA Continuing Education Scholarship (Deadline May 31)
ARC Scholarship (Deadline March 3) 

Coffin Scholarship (Deadline March 3) 

Clinton County Canine Club Fay S. Kolz Memorial Scholarship (Deadline-May)

Finch College Alumni Scholarship **Transfer Students ONLY 

Crary, Colburn , & Lake Placid Foundations Scholarship 

Salute to Labor Scholarship (Deadline May 1)

 Below are offered directly from Clinton Community College.

                   CCC Foundation Scholarships Deadline May 15                       
                   CCC Tuition Free Scholarships 

Scholarships and Databases on the Web

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