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The Honors Program Mission


The Honors Program supports a community where bright, intellectually curious and creative learners can thrive and develop their talents.  The Honors Program challenges and motivates students through special educational opportunities and enrichment experiences.


The Honors Scholars will be asked to take intellectual risks through stimulating coursework and personal growth opportunities.  They will work collaboratively with each other and with faculty, and will leave the program with an enriched collegiate experience.  It is our hope that Honors Scholars will become lifelong learners and active citizens who inspire others, and, in doing so, strengthen the community.


  • Excellence and Integrity
  • Curiosity and Creativity
  • Leadership and Service
  • Community and Diversity


To provide Honors Scholars with a strong program, the Honors Program at Clinton Community College will be guided by the National Collegiate Honors Council’s (NCHC) Basic Characteristics of a Fully Developed Honors Program.


The Honors Program at Clinton Community College is housed in Academic Affairs; the Honors Program Coordinator reports to the Vice President for Academic Affairs and is responsible for facilitating and implementing the Honors Program.  An Honors Program Advisory Board will establish a vision for the Honors Program and set policies, procedures and educational opportunities to meet that vision.  Once accepted into the program, Honors Scholars will be members of the Honors Scholar Association; this group provides opportunities that support the mission, vision and values of the Honors Program.


Cheryl Lesser
Vice President for Academic Affairs

Lauren Currie
Director of Admissions 

Angela Barnaby
Professor of Mathematics & Honors Program Coordinator

Ian Burcroff
Assistant Professor of Art & Humanities Department Chair

Chris Drennan
Professor of History

Gary Henry
Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Environmental Technology

Joanna Jackson
Assistant Professor of English

Richard Lawrence
Assistant Professor & Coordinator of Electrical Technology

Megan Morrissey-Kelley
Associate Director of Institutional Advancement

John Petro
Student Support Services Counselor

Amy Ryan
Assistant Professor of Science

Rebecca Wolff
Associate Professor of ESL