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Webmail Information

Faculty/Staff Webmail Access:
Reminder Effective June 2, 2014 the college has adopted new password guidelines and you will be required to change your password to meet the following new requirements:
  - Can not be any previously used password OR similar to a previous password (do not add a
    number to a previous password)
  - Not contain the user's account name or user's full name
  - Be at least 8 characters in length
  - Contain a character from the following categories:
        English uppercase characters (A through Z)
        English lowercase characters (a through z)
        Base 10 digits (0 through 9)

Passwords will need to be changed every 90 days. Once changed, you will need to wait at least 30 days before changing to a different password.

When using the Password Reset, the username is not your complete email address. It is the first four letters of your last name, the first initial in your First Name, and the first initial in your Middle Name. For example, if my name was Oliver Wendell Holmes, my username would be holmow. IF your username doesn't meet these requirements, enter the username you use to login to a computer on campus.

Faculty/Staff Log In    
    Get Help Logging In
    Microsoft Office 365 Log In

Student Webmail Access:
Student webmail is accessible in the Student Portal or directly at All students will need to activate their student network account through the Student Portal.  You will pick your password during the activation process and your username will be provided to you.  Please remember your password and make note of your username as this is the first part of your email address and is needed to log into webmail.  Help with logging into webmail can be found here.

Orientation Log In 

STUDENTS, FACULTY AND STAFF:  Please Read if having issues accessing Webmail
When using Internet Explorer version 8 or higher, certain websites may not function properly. Sometimes a web page will not display or you see what looks like programming language. There is an easy fix for this! Follow the steps below:

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Navigate to the website that is causing you issues.
3. Depending on what version of Internet Explorer you have, you will need to either:
    Click the Compatibility Mode icon located on the address bar.
    Click the Gear icon  located under the Close button. This will expand a list of options. Click Compatibility View settings.
    Click the Add button to include the website to your list.