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08.22.20111. How to access the Faculty Portal
10.26.20102. How do I change my password in the Faculty Portal?
01.04.20113. I forgot my password to access the Faculty Portal
08.22.20114. How do I change to a different semester?
08.22.20115. How do I create a shortcut to the Faculty Portal for my Desktop?
01.04.20116. I am missing a course I am teaching in the Faculty Portal
02.20.20127. Why is a course that is cancelled displaying?
08.22.20118. Administrative Requirement: Mandatory Requirements for Faculty
09.03.20109. Faculty Contact: Where do I enter my office hours and office location and what other informat...
08.22.20149.1 I entered my password too many times and I am locked out
08.23.2011Advisee: Can I send an attachment to my advisees through the Faculty Portal?
05.13.2013Advisee: Changes to Advisee List on the "My Students" page shows number of Registered Credits
11.08.2010Advisee: How can I find out an advisee's phone number?
10.27.2010Advisee: How do I view my advisees' grades?
06.04.2012Assignments: Ability to allow assignments past Due Date
08.06.2012Assignments: How to view an assignment or upload a graded assignment
02.11.2014Assignments: How to add an assignment
09.03.2010Attendance: 1. Enter Daily Attendance (All DL or Online Courses will need to use this option)
09.03.2010Attendance: 2. Enter Weekly Attendance
08.07.2012Attendance: 3. What to do if college is closed to extenuating circumstances
09.30.2011Attendance: 4. View Student Photo when taking attendance
09.16.2010Attendance: 5. How to Print Attendance Reports
06.28.2011Attendance: 6. To print the attendance comments entered through the Faculty Portal
09.30.2011Attendance: 8. Copy class list to Excel
09.15.2014Attendance: 9. If using Mozilla Firefox
06.29.2011Course Management: How will students complete the Evaluation?
01.28.2011Course Management: Post a document for the students
09.30.2010Course Management: Allowing access to the different modules for my students
05.18.2011Course Management: Copy Course Content from One Semester to Another
08.23.2011Documentation: Can I print all these questions and answers easily?
09.07.2010Documentation: Where is the detailed documentation for the Faculty Portal?
09.07.2010Faculty Contact: Additional Information that can be added in the Faculty Contact area?
05.06.2013Grading: Academic Council decides not to round grade calculations
06.04.2012Grading: Dropping the lowest grade(s) within a category
10.19.2012Grading: Example of how Mid Term grades calculate
03.04.2013Grading: I changed my mind and want students to see what they earned on an assignment.
03.28.2011Grading: Weighting assignments in the Faculty Portal
06.04.2012Grading: What do the numbers mean in Setup Assignments?
09.07.2010Grading: Why can't I tinker with the Grading module in CAMS?
12.30.2013Grading: Yes, you can use the option to do an Average instead of calculating Points
02.24.2011Grading: Can I calculate an average at any time?
03.07.2016Grading: Change of Grade
10.28.2010Grading: Enter grades (Mid Term or Final)
03.07.2016Grading: Entering of "W" Grades
10.19.2015Grading: Incompletes used for Finals Only
02.25.2013Grading: To prevent a grade from GPA calculation use the "Excused" status
05.14.2012Grading: Viewing Student Grade and Course GPA within Record Grades By Student
05.14.2012Grading: What does FS and RN means as a Grade
10.19.2015Grading: What is used in calculations of midterm grade
08.23.2011New Semester: Copy Course Content from previous semester (or within the same semester)
10.19.2012Online Registration: Information for the Faculty and Students
05.13.2013Online Registration: Stop Registration Page displays number of Registered Credits, Phone Numbers ...
09.30.2011Student: Allow Students to email you without accessing their webmail
09.30.2011Student: Easy way to send email to a student(s)
09.07.2010Student: How can I email an attachment to my students?
02.07.2012Student: What is a QR Code and how does it benefit the students?
05.07.2012Student: Degree Audit & Degree Information
04.07.2011Student: Where do I find students' Majors and Advisor?