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INFO: 1. Accessing the Student Portal
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Posted on 09.29.04

Returning students should be able to access their network account (login to a computer) and access the Student Portal with no issue. If a returning student forgets their username or password, please follow the ON CAMPUS ACTIVATION or OFF CAMPUS ACTIVATION process below. The IT Dept does not reset passwords as it is a total self resetting process.

Students can activate their accounts from off campus by using the Activate My Student Portal Account Now link located on the Student Portal page. The process will walk you through activating your account and providing a confirmation page (we recommend you print this page) with your new username. Your username is your first name, middle initial and last name all together without spaces in lower case. For example, oliverwholmes for Oliver Wendell Holmes. If you did not use a middle name when you registered, there will not be one in your username. In the activation process you select your own password and provide a security question allowing you to reset your password if you forget it! Students will ONLY be able to change passwords within the Student Portal.

Our labs have a login screen that will enable students to activate their accounts prior to logging in. The instructions appear when a user presses the Control+Alt+Delete key combination.

The information you are entering is not matching the information in CAMS. After you have confirmed or provided assistance, students should contact the Registrar’s office for validation of information. If the Registrar's Office has confirmed the information is correct, students can see the IT department in room 339M for further assistance.

There may be a 24 hour delay for accessing webmail for the student. Student Webmail will be accessed through the Student Portal exclusively.

• Username is firstname, middle inital and last name all together in lower case (unless you did
   not provide a middle initial in the application process)
• Students select their own passwords and security question allowing them to reset their
   password in case they forget
• Errors in activation may be an issue with data in CAMS and students should see the 
  Registrar’s Office
• Email address is their and we recommend you log into 
  webmail using your complete email address
• Students access webmail exclusively through the Student Portal