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INFO: Assignments: How can I upload an assignment?
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Posted on 02.25.13

The steps below explain how to upload an assignment if a teacher has enabled that option within their Faculty Portal.

1.  Login to the Student Portal and select the course you want to access under My Courses.
2.  Under the Assignments section, click Upload Documents.
3.  Locate the assignment you want to upload.  You may need to scroll up or down.
4.  Click Upload Document for the assignment.
5.  Click Browse and navigate to the location of the completed assignment you wish to upload. 
     Once you have selected the file, click Upload Document.  The Student Portal will display
     the size of the file, date and time submitted. 

If the Date Due is past, you will not be allowed to upload an assignment unless the teacher uses the Upload Document - Extension Allowed option in the Faculty Portal for you.