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Recently Answered Questions


Recent Articles
INFO: Create your own Tab on the Ribbon 09.28.15
INFO: Customize the Quick Access Toolbar 09.28.15
INFO: Block an email address 09.28.15
INFO: Updating Global Address Book 09.25.15
INFO: Why do I get spam email? 08.24.15
INFO: Store, sync, and share your work files 07.09.15
INFO: Syncing your files with your computer 07.09.15
INFO: Apps that work with OneDrive 07.09.15
INFO: Protect cells with formulas 07.08.15
INFO: Change how Email attachments open 06.01.15
INFO: Create a Personal Folder (or an additional Personal Folder) 05.20.15
INFO: Select a theme 05.20.15
INFO: Exclamation point in software programs 05.20.15
INFO: How long can I access the Student Portal 05.04.15
INFO: Balloons when Reviewing is dark when printed 04.28.15
INFO: Pinning a program to your Taskbar 04.10.15
INFO: How to see Personal or Public Folders 04.03.15
INFO: Turn off Reading Pane 03.19.15
INFO: How to expand the Ribbon 02.19.15
INFO: What is Quick Notes? 02.19.15
INFO: How to use OneNote 2013 02.19.15
INFO: How to use a lectern with Windows 7 01.23.15
INFO: Calendar: To disable the weather on the calendar 12.19.14
INFO: Calendar: Display a bell icon on calendar for appointments and meetings with reminders 12.19.14
INFO: Calendar: Set or change default reminders 12.19.14
INFO: Calendar: Set Work Hours 12.19.14
INFO: Change Office Theme 12.19.14
INFO: Change your Office Background 12.19.14
INFO: How to set Internet Explorer as default web browser program 11.25.14
INFO: Scan and Email function by locating an email address on the External Address Book 11.11.14
INFO: Setup and Operation Guide for the Teaching Assistant software 11.04.14
INFO: Use the Phonebook to locate and dial an extension 10.27.14
INFO: Cancel a job from the MFP panel 10.20.14
INFO: Where are the colored MFPs? 09.19.14
INFO: To Cancel a Print Job from the PaperCut web link 09.16.14
INFO: How to access your print usage 09.16.14
INFO: Attendance: 9. If using Mozilla Firefox 09.15.14
INFO: Create a Secondary Calendar 09.15.14
INFO: Configure Personal Keys 09.06.14
INFO: 9.1 I entered my password too many times and I am locked out 08.22.14
INFO: To check and/or change your default printer 08.18.14
INFO: Mitel 5312 & 5324 IP Phone template 05.02.14
INFO: Mitel User Guides for 5312_5324 IP Phones 05.02.14
INFO: Create a folder 04.11.14
INFO: Apply a desktop theme 03.29.14
INFO: Internet Explorer: Discovering Internet Explorer 11 03.23.14
INFO: Using "Jump Lists" 03.23.14
INFO: Do I need an Antivirus program with Windows 7? 03.23.14
INFO: Delivery and Read Receipts 03.09.14
INFO: To Recover Deleted Items 03.09.14
INFO: Do I need an Antivirus program with Windows 8? 03.07.14
INFO: Internet Explorer: Add to Favorites 02.23.14
INFO: Internet Explorer: How to open a new tab 02.23.14
INFO: Manage Sources 02.23.14
INFO: Create a Bibliography 02.23.14
INFO: Insert a Caption 02.23.14
INFO: Create a Table of Figures 02.23.14
INFO: Create a Table of Contents 02.23.14
INFO: Skip someone's message when calling to leave a message 02.13.14
INFO: Dial an outside line 02.12.14
INFO: Redial the last number you manually dialed 02.12.14
INFO: Access your voicemail from any other extension 02.12.14
INFO: Access voicemail from outside the campus 02.12.14
INFO: Access voicemail from your phone 02.12.14
INFO: Messaging - Advisory 02.12.14
INFO: Conference Call 02.12.14
INFO: Transfer a call 02.12.14
INFO: How can I make a handsfree call? 02.12.14
INFO: How do I customize the buttons on my phone? 02.12.14
INFO: Adjust the sound the loudness of the ringer 02.12.14
INFO: Adjust the sound of the phone ringer 02.12.14
INFO: Change the LCD contrast (brightness) level 02.12.14
INFO: Change phone options 02.12.14
INFO: Play a DVD or CD with Windows Media Center (Windows 7) 02.11.14
INFO: Passwords: Add a password to open or edit/modify a file 02.11.14
INFO: Assignments: How to add an assignment 02.11.14
INFO: Add an App to the Start Screen 02.09.14
INFO: Change the Font Size on your Tablet or Device 02.09.14
INFO: Can I create a new Document, Spreadsheet, PowerPoint, etc. in the OneDrive/SkyDrive App? 02.09.14
INFO: How to View All Apps 02.09.14
INFO: View SkyDrive/OneDrive Information 02.09.14
INFO: To View PC Info 02.09.14
INFO: Change Image (Picture) on Lock Screen 02.09.14
INFO: Name a Group 02.07.14
INFO: Remove a Tile 02.07.14
INFO: Resize a Tile 02.07.14
INFO: Create an Index 02.03.14
INFO: Insert a Cross-Reference 02.03.14
INFO: How to play a DVD with VLC Media Player 01.31.14
INFO: Change PowerPoint to display show on 2nd monitor 01.31.14
INFO: To configure your cell phone to receive your email 01.16.14
INFO: Want additional information and support for the new Outlook Web Access? 01.16.14
INFO: The improved "Search" feature 01.16.14
INFO: Grading: Yes, you can use the option to do an Average instead of calculating Points 12.30.13
INFO: Use "Shake" to minimize open programs on your Desktop. 12.30.13
INFO: Use "Snap" to compare windows or view them side-by-side with ease 12.30.13
INFO: Pinning a program to the Start Menu 12.30.13
INFO: Previewing Open Windows (Programs) with Aero Peek 12.30.13
INFO: How to use the Snipping Tool 12.30.13
INFO: Using Sticky Notes 12.30.13
INFO: Enlarging your text without sacrificing the resolution 12.30.13
INFO: Quickly "lock" your computer 12.26.13
INFO: Control keys to open Windows Explorer (My Computer) 12.26.13
INFO: Call forwarding your phone 12.20.13
INFO: Change your default font in an Email 12.10.13
INFO: Sending an email with an expiration date 11.20.13
INFO: Using the Snipping Tools to capture screen shots 11.18.13
INFO: How to mark email as "Not Junk" 10.14.13
INFO: NotateIt: Document that explains how to use NotateIt 09.09.13
INFO: 7. I do not see any course information in the Student Portal 07.18.13
INFO: 3. I forgot the answer to my security question 07.18.13
INFO: 2. I forgot my Username and/or Password to the Student Portal 07.18.13
INFO: How to create a Signature 06.28.13
INFO: How to use the Polyvision Board 06.11.13
INFO: Import records into Contacts 05.30.13
INFO: 4. System says I have exceeded too many attempts and locked out 05.25.13
INFO: Online Registration: Stop Registration Page displays number of Registered Credits, Phone Numbers and Emails 05.13.13
INFO: Advisee: Changes to Advisee List on the "My Students" page shows number of Registered Credits 05.13.13
INFO: Grading: Academic Council decides not to round grade calculations 05.06.13
INFO: How to easily find out which type of memory to purchase for your computer 04.22.13
INFO: Display Charms and Time/Date/Notification Overlay 04.21.13
INFO: Toggle between Windows 8 desktop style and Windows Classic Style 04.21.13
INFO: Unable to display a webpage 04.15.13
INFO: Using Compatibility Mode in Internet Explorer (typically for Internet Explorer 8 and higher) 04.15.13
INFO: Change the color of a hyperlink 04.01.13
INFO: Change the Calculation (Function) in an Excel Pivot Table 04.01.13
INFO: Grading: I changed my mind and want students to see what they earned on an assignment. 03.04.13
INFO: Transcript: How can I view my college Transcript? 02.25.13
INFO: Assignments: How can I view a graded assignment? 02.25.13
INFO: Assignments: How can I upload an assignment? 02.25.13
INFO: Grading: To prevent a grade from GPA calculation use the "Excused" status 02.25.13
INFO: Create a Table 02.18.13
INFO: 5. Student Portal Manual 01.22.13
INFO: How to insert the file name and path into a document 12.17.12
INFO: Set a default printer 11.14.12
INFO: Convert a date from Year (YY), Month (MM), Day (DD) to YYMMDD 11.12.12
INFO: Add a Digital Signature 11.02.12
INFO: Grading: Example of how Mid Term grades calculate 10.19.12
INFO: Online Registration: Information for the Faculty and Students 10.19.12
INFO: Registration: To Register Online 10.15.12
INFO: How can I create a PDF file? 09.05.12
INFO: Attendance: 3. What to do if college is closed to extenuating circumstances 08.07.12
INFO: Assignments: How to view an assignment or upload a graded assignment 08.06.12
INFO: How to remove a watermark? 06.18.12
INFO: Assignments: Ability to allow assignments past Due Date 06.04.12
INFO: Grading: Dropping the lowest grade(s) within a category 06.04.12
INFO: Grading: What do the numbers mean in Setup Assignments? 06.04.12
INFO: Mail Merge: How to do a Mail Merge 06.04.12
INFO: Insert a Text Box that you "draw" 06.04.12
INFO: Mail Merge: How to Insert a Field 05.30.12
INFO: Grading: Viewing Student Grade and Course GPA within Record Grades By Student 05.14.12
INFO: Grading: What does FS and RN means as a Grade 05.14.12
INFO: Student: Degree Audit & Degree Information 05.07.12
INFO: 6. Student Portal App for Phone 05.04.12
INFO: How to view a worksheet in Full Screen mode 03.19.12
INFO: Clearing Contents in a Cell 03.19.12
INFO: Is there an easy way to change Text to Upper Case, Lower Case, or Proper Case 03.07.12
INFO: How to enter multiple lines in a cell 03.04.12
INFO: To change a PDF to a fillable form for people who don't have the full version of Acrobat Professional 02.20.12
INFO: 7. Why is a course that is cancelled displaying? 02.20.12
INFO: Student: What is a QR Code and how does it benefit the students? 02.07.12
INFO: Create an Envelop or Label 01.29.12
INFO: Change Case 01.29.12
INFO: Use Find and Replace 01.29.12
INFO: Modify the Quick Access Toolbar 01.29.12
INFO: Change the Username and Initials 01.29.12
INFO: Change a Default Save Location 01.29.12
INFO: What is the difference between Office 2007 and Office 2010 01.17.12
INFO: How to modify an Organization Chart using the newer Tools: 01.10.12
INFO: How to copy a complete worksheet 11.16.11
INFO: How to compress a picture to email (or to use to documents, etc) 10.27.11
INFO: Attendance: 8. Copy class list to Excel 09.30.11
INFO: Student: Allow Students to email you without accessing their webmail 09.30.11
INFO: Student: Easy way to send email to a student(s) 09.30.11
INFO: Attendance: 4. View Student Photo when taking attendance 09.30.11
INFO: Prevent a Table from breaking between pages 09.28.11
INFO: Vision: How can I learn more about Vision software located in the computer labs? 08.25.11
INFO: Documentation: Can I print all these questions and answers easily? 08.23.11
INFO: Advisee: Can I send an attachment to my advisees through the Faculty Portal? 08.23.11
INFO: New Semester: Copy Course Content from previous semester (or within the same semester) 08.23.11
INFO: 5. How do I create a shortcut to the Faculty Portal for my Desktop? 08.22.11
INFO: 8. Administrative Requirement: Mandatory Requirements for Faculty 08.22.11
INFO: 4. How do I change to a different semester? 08.22.11
INFO: 1. How to access the Faculty Portal 08.22.11
INFO: Course Info: How do I complete an Evaluation through the Student Portal? 06.29.11
INFO: Course Management: How will students complete the Evaluation? 06.29.11
INFO: Attendance: 6. To print the attendance comments entered through the Faculty Portal 06.28.11
INFO: Free/Busy Options for Calendar 05.26.11
INFO: Why use an Absolute Value? 05.24.11
INFO: How to "Round" a formula 05.24.11
INFO: Shade alternate rows 05.23.11
INFO: List of Worksheet Functions 05.23.11
INFO: How to convert an Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) to Word 05.23.11
INFO: Course Management: Copy Course Content from One Semester to Another 05.18.11
INFO: Query: Changing text to be uppercase or lowercase 05.10.11
INFO: Student: Where do I find students' Majors and Advisor? 04.07.11
INFO: Grading: How can I view my Mid Term or Final Grades? 04.07.11
INFO: Grading: Weighting assignments in the Faculty Portal 03.28.11
INFO: Hide zeros (0) in a worksheet 03.15.11
INFO: Remove Duplicate Entries from a list 03.15.11
INFO: How to remove blank cells from a worksheet? 03.15.11
INFO: Grading: Can I calculate an average at any time? 02.24.11
INFO: To enter multiple lines in a cell 02.22.11
INFO: Add a new worksheet to a workbook 02.22.11
INFO: How to Clear Windows User Profile in Internet Explorer 8 02.21.11
INFO: How do I insert a file path into a Word document? 02.21.11
INFO: How do you access Public Folders through Webmail? 02.21.11
INFO: How to create additional fractions in Word 02.16.11
INFO: My monitor is flipped upside down - how can I fix this? 02.01.11
INFO: When I merge data from Excel, the format changes. How can I control this? 01.30.11
INFO: Course Management: Post a document for the students 01.28.11
INFO: I was able to login to my webmail and now I can't. What can I do? 01.20.11
INFO: 3. I forgot my password to access the Faculty Portal 01.04.11
INFO: 6. I am missing a course I am teaching in the Faculty Portal 01.04.11
INFO: Auto-Complete Issue causing a problem 12.04.10
INFO: Can you email one worksheet from a workbook? 11.22.10
INFO: Advisee: How can I find out an advisee's phone number? 11.08.10
INFO: Grading: Enter grades (Mid Term or Final) 10.28.10
INFO: Advisee: How do I view my advisees' grades? 10.27.10
INFO: 2. How do I change my password in the Faculty Portal? 10.26.10
INFO: How to quickly find large email 10.14.10
INFO: Course Management: Allowing access to the different modules for my students 09.30.10
INFO: Attendance: 5. How to Print Attendance Reports 09.16.10
INFO: Student: How can I email an attachment to my students? 09.07.10
INFO: Grading: Why can't I tinker with the Grading module in CAMS? 09.07.10
INFO: Faculty Contact: Additional Information that can be added in the Faculty Contact area? 09.07.10
INFO: Documentation: Where is the detailed documentation for the Faculty Portal? 09.07.10
INFO: Attendance: 2. Enter Weekly Attendance 09.03.10
INFO: Attendance: 1. Enter Daily Attendance (All DL or Online Courses will need to use this option) 09.03.10
INFO: 9. Faculty Contact: Where do I enter my office hours and office location and what other information is available for me to use? 09.03.10
INFO: Removed Show Desktop as an option in Quick Launch Bar 09.01.10
INFO: Display an input message when a cell is selected 06.14.10
INFO: How to add, delete and print Comments 06.14.10
INFO: #### is displayed in a cell 06.14.10
INFO: To enter the current date and time 06.14.10
INFO: How to print the actual formulas in a spreadsheet 06.14.10
INFO: To enter today's date 06.14.10
INFO: How to turn off the automatic backup option 06.04.10
INFO: To angle or slant cells 06.02.10
INFO: To change the default number of worksheets in a new workbook 06.02.10
INFO: How many columns and rows can I have in a worksheet? What about maximum number of worksheets in a workbook? 06.02.10
INFO: What is a Screen Tip? 06.02.10
INFO: The power of the Status Bar 06.02.10
INFO: What is a "Search" folder and why use it? 05.18.10
INFO: Use Portrait and Landscape in one Document 05.03.10
INFO: How to use the Markup Tools (Track Changes) 05.03.10
INFO: Create a Flowchart 05.03.10
INFO: Create a Calendar 05.03.10
INFO: To prevent rounding issue in Excel 04.29.10
INFO: How to block email from a certain person 04.28.10
INFO: Want the same Header & Footer on multiple worksheets in a workbook 04.19.10
INFO: How to have text upside down (vertical) 03.31.10
INFO: Send Word Document in the body of an Email Message 03.24.10
INFO: Edit your Signature for Emails 03.01.10
INFO: Adding a "Delegate" to Outlook 03.01.10
INFO: Allow Access to your Calendar in Outlook 03.01.10
INFO: How to create a "Rule" for emails 03.01.10
INFO: How to create a Contact 03.01.10
INFO: What is a category? 03.01.10
INFO: How to recover an email message inadvertantly deleted. 03.01.10
INFO: Forwarding a Distribution List 03.01.10
INFO: Configuring the Address Book 02.22.10
INFO: Create a vCard 02.18.10
INFO: Create a Distribution List 02.18.10
INFO: How to change default reminder time for Appointments 02.18.10
INFO: Setting your Out of Office Assistant 02.18.10
INFO: How to know the size of an attachment 02.18.10
INFO: Recall an Email Message that has been sent 02.18.10
INFO: Seeing who is listed in a Distribution List 02.17.10
INFO: Sending an Email on behalf of someone else 02.17.10
INFO: Deleting Emails and Selecting Mutliple Items for Deletion 02.17.10
INFO: Using Voting Buttons in Outlook 02.17.10
INFO: Adding additional fields to the Outlook View toolbar 02.17.10
INFO: Send an "Everybody" Email but exclude one or more persons 02.17.10
INFO: Add a field called "Size" to your "View" in Outlook 02.17.10
INFO: Attaching a file through Webmail 02.17.10
INFO: Save a "Note" that was sent to you in an Email 02.17.10
INFO: Change Fonts and Formats in "View" 02.17.10
INFO: Exporting a folder from Outlook 02.17.10
INFO: How to post to a Public Folder 02.17.10
INFO: Where is the Summary Slide in PowerPoint 2007? 02.08.10
INFO: Change Desktop Alert Settings 09.22.09
INFO: To turn on or off the sound option when receiving email 09.22.09
INFO: Do not include original Email when replying to an Email 09.22.09
INFO: Changing the format to be single spaced 09.22.09
INFO: Allowing access to your Calendar 09.17.09
INFO: Change Default Spacing 08.20.09
INFO: Save a file as a PDF (Portable Document Format) when you don't have Acrobat 08.17.09
INFO: Can't find Public Folders on the Web 07.31.09
INFO: Can't see your Contacts when sending an email 07.30.09
INFO: Sorting up to 64 levels instead of just 3! 07.23.09
INFO: Convert PDF to Word Doc 07.16.09
INFO: How to secure a document from printing 07.14.09
INFO: Change Default Font 07.02.09
INFO: Concatenating when you have formatted numbers to text 07.01.09
INFO: How to Map a Network Drive 07.01.09
INFO: Create Labels 06.22.09
INFO: Alphabetizing a list 06.22.09
INFO: Insert Clip Art 06.22.09
INFO: Insert a Text Box from the Gallery 06.22.09
INFO: Change Chart Heading Axis 06.22.09
INFO: Renumber Page Numbers 06.22.09
INFO: Insert Page Numbers 06.22.09
INFO: Turn off Reading Pane/Full Screen Reading View 06.22.09
INFO: How to create forms 06.19.09
INFO: How to access Tabs 06.18.09
INFO: Display the Ruler 06.18.09
INFO: Create a Personal Folder 05.11.09
INFO: What is XML (eXtensible Markup Language) 12.14.07
INFO: Different Footers for each page in a document 12.04.07
INFO: Defragment your Computer 06.18.07
INFO: Change room number on Network or find information on user defined on Network 06.18.07
INFO: Accessing your "Favorites" from anywhere 06.18.07
INFO: Nero: Burning a CD 06.01.07
INFO: Paint: Printing an Image on 1 Page 04.17.07
INFO: How to create a shortcut to a file or program 03.22.06
INFO: Windows XP Opening Picture File 06.06.05
INFO: Adding a new printer 03.16.05
INFO: Opening a JPEG File 02.22.05
INFO: Switching Between Programs 02.07.05
INFO: Short Cut Keys 12.21.04
INFO: How to Lock Your Computer 12.21.04
INFO: Where are the Computer Labs? 12.20.04
INFO: Copying a diskette 12.20.04
INFO: Delete Cookies and Delete Internet Files 12.20.04
INFO: Clearing Saved Passwords 12.20.04
INFO: The "OLKA" or "OLKB" Folder 12.20.04
INFO: Enabling a Return Receipt Requested? 11.15.04
INFO: How do I make a copy of what is on my Screen? 11.01.04
INFO: How to Change Your Network Password 10.26.04
INFO: 1. Accessing the Student Portal 09.29.04


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