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Assessment Committee

The Assessment Committee at CCC is one of seven designated Faculty Council committees.  The Assessment Committee is the body that provides broad-based planning and/or review of nearly all assessment activities on campus.  These include Academic and Student Affairs Program Reviews and Progress Reports, Student Learning Outcomes AssessmentGeneral Education and review/implementation of assessment tools such as external and internal surveys and research. The committee overseas the implementation of the Seven Year Program review Cycle. Seven Year Cycle for Program Assessment

The committee meets biweekly during the fall and spring semesters while class is in session.  The membership of the committee includes diverse campus office representation.  In 2016/2017 this includes 12 faculty and staff members, listed as follows:

Chair - Wendy Grossmann, Counselor/Advisement Coordinator (Student Affairs)
Dr. Cheryl Lesser, Vice President of Academic Affairs (ex officio)
Katrina Evens, Associate Professor (Nursing)
Kristopher Renadette, Assistant Professor (Industrial Technology)
Michael Gregory, Professor (Biology)
Angela Alphonso, Associate Professor (Health and Physical Education)
Karen Dague, Assistant Professor (Human Services)
Jill Tarabula, Systems and Technical Services Librarian
Jessica Aubrey, Data Analyst (Office of Institutional Research and Planning)

The Assessment Committee Chair sits on the Administrative Unit Assessment Review team.  The Chair also participates as part of the campus Assessment Team which meets at least once a semester to coordinate all assessment activities (including also the VPAA, VPSA, Student Learning Outcomes and General Education Coordinators).