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What Students Say About Clinton

Students have come from around the world to study at Clinton and and then transfer to successfully complete degrees at major universities.  

Clinton international alumni share their experiences at Clinton in their own words:             


Yusef Shadad

My Major: Math and Science

My Favorite Class:

I am studying Cardiovascular Perfusion in Syracuse, NY.

"Clinton is a wonderful place to experience American college life. Also it's a perfect spot to experience the cycle of the four seasons (fall, spring, summer and winter )."

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Charles Junchen Li

My Major: Statistics, General Education

My Favorite Classes: ESL class, Sports class, Writing, and Calculus, Political, History, etc. Actually, all of them!

"Clinton provides the best opportunity to study, a great place to adapt to new lives, and a warm reception to students from every area of this college, and, as a member of SUNY, it is also a good place to start in order to transfer to other four year universities for further study." 

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Anne Chang Du

My Major:

My favorite class:
ESL Program classes

  I am working for J.P Morgan Chase Bank in NYC.

"Clinton is the first step in which I got to know the United States...all my teachers ... inspired me and gave me confidence. They always saw the potential in us. Also, Plattsburgh is a quiet small town with not too many international students, so it is perfect for international students to experience American Culture."

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Fya Liu

My major:
Business Administration

My favorite class: Finance and Investment

What I am doing now: I am working in a financial company named CreditEase in China, which has more than 20,000 staff all around China.

"I always felt welcome at Clinton.... My Professors taught me not only from the book, but also how to appreciate the culture of others, to share love and to show respect." 

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Nayoung Gi  

My major: Business Administration

My favorite class: History class with Prof. Drennan

Where I am studying now: I am studying at Stony Brook. I am majoring in Business Management, and my minor is Accounting and Technology System Management.

"All the courses I took at Clinton gave me a very good background for my major. I was well prepared as a business student at Stony Brook because I took all basic business courses at Clinton. It was very helpful and I learned a lot from the professors."   

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Nahyoung Song

Major: Business Administration

Favorite class: History of Modern World

Where I am studying now:  I’m majoring Business Management at Stony Brook University, and my concentration is accounting. Also,, I’m working as a volunteer and English Pal program director in Stony Brook Hospital and in the Golden Key Honor Society. 

"I had so many good experiences and these would not have been possible without the help of people at Clinton.... I could meet my professors frequently even if it was not during their office hours. Professors in other schools normally meet students only for office hours, but professors at Clinton were so nice and helpful. I saw their efforts to give me help, and I still appreciate them."   

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Seda Aydin
My major: Humanities & Social Science with a minor in Biology

My favorite class: Anatomy and Physiology. Thanks to Dr. Amy Ryan who helped me to build a strong background for my future classes such as Medical Terminology and Human Anatomy at my new school Stony Brook University.

"There are several reasons I chose Clinton. First, Clinton Community College is part of the SUNY system so I could easily complete my associate degree and transfer to a 4-year college in the SUNY system. Second, CCC was a great starting place with quality education  for a foreign student like me while I was getting used to the US education system and culture. The courses at CCC gave me a strong background while not being overwhelmed. Third, the tuition was affordable."  

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