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A Humanities Department initiative in the Fall Semester 2014
to support the Clinton Community College goal to prepare students to meet the challenges of a global society. This course is designed to encourage students to develop a global perspective through a cross-cultural learning experience on campus and in Montreal, Canada.

HUM 285 International Experience in Montreal Course Description:

Students will develop knowledge, skills and strategies to have a successful international study experience in Montreal. Students will enhance their cultural observation, communication, and acculturation skills and acquire basic knowledge of Montreal’s history and culture. Students will participate in weekly class meetings to prepare to visit sites that are historically and culturally significant in Montreal. There are specific program and travel requirements and fees to be able to participate in the program. During class meetings from August to October, the instructor will assist students in preparing for and completing the travel arrangements. Students will be required to participate in a one day class trip to Montreal.

For more information, click on requirements of participation above and/or contact the instructor of the course, Diane E. Parmeter