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Frequently Asked Questions


1.       What should my work group be doing now?

a)      Look over your questions that were returned by the steering committee

b)      Decide who will be working on each question

c)       Figure out what documents you will need to answer each question

d)      If you need a survey work with Rita Ward Slater to develop and launch the survey


2.       What institutional research documents are available and where do I find them?

a)      Public folders contain Program Reviews and Program Updates. Go to Public Folders>Middle States

b)      CCC Middle States web site Contains widely used documents such as the Self Study Design, The Characteristics of Excellence, The Timeline, the Document Roadmap, the 2009 CCC Institutional Effectiveness Report, the 2009 Five Year Student Profile, and other related documents.

c)       Contact Rita Ward Slater for additional student survey type documents

d)      Contact the head of the department for data that would be specific to that department.


3.       How far back should we go to find data to answer our research questions?

The general rule of thumb is to go back 5 years since that was when our last interim report was issued to middle states


4.       My group needs to create a survey – are there special steps we need to follow?

You should contact Rita Ward Slater of avoid redundancy between surveys.


5.       Is there a specific outline we follow for this report?

The outline is covered in the Middle States Self Study Design document on page 19.


6.       How should the report be formatted?

The format for the report is also covered in the Middle States Self Study Design document on page 19.


7.       Should we include recommendations in the report?

Recommendations are not mandatory but you can include recommendations in the report if you feel they would be helpful.