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Nursing Practice


· Nursing is the health science of caring; an interpersonal process that focuses on meeting the health needs of the person. Nursing practice reflects diversity and evolving trends in the health care environment. The discipline of Nursing uses the nursing process, which draws on evidence-based practice to provide holistic and humanistic care. Trends influencing nursing practice are an aging population, health promotion and disease prevention, disaster preparedness, cost effective care, managed care, and a community orientation.

· The faculty believes that health represents optimal biological, psychological, and social functioning as defined by the individual. To maintain or attain health depends on the individual’s ability to adapt to stressors in the internal and external environment.

· The faculty believes that each person is seen as an interrelated bio-psychological being who is a unique product of heredity, environment, and culture. As unique, holistic individuals, each person is viewed as more than the sum of their parts. The worth and dignity of each person is respected. Every person is entitled to quality health care.