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2019 Nursing Application

Applicants for the Fall 2019 Nursing Program are required to complete this supplemental Nursing application. If you are new to Clinton Community College you must also complete our free general Clinton application ( and submit an official copy of your high school transcript. A GED will be accepted in lieu of a high school transcript. If you have previously attended other colleges or received college credit while in high school, you must have official academic transcripts sent from each of those institutions. If you have previously attended or are currently attending Clinton Community College, you are not required to re-submit these documents unless you attended those institutions after departing Clinton. Please be mindful of the February 1st application deadline and be responsive to status letters arriving by mail. Nursing applications submitted after the February 1st deadline will be held for possible consideration in May.

Submission Deadline - February 1

First Name *

Last Name *

If you have any educational records under a different name(s), please list here:

Social Security Number *

Mailing Address: PO Box or Street Address *

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Telephone Number (XXX) XXX-XXXX *

Email Address: *

Date of Birth: *

List below information concerning High School or other secondary school attended. Include Name of School, Location, Dates of Attendance and Diploma received. *

Have you previously made an application to Clinton Community College? *

Have you previously attended Clinton Community College (including High School - College Advancement Program) *

Are you currently attending Clinton Community College (including High School - College Advancement Program)? *

List below information concerning ALL colleges, universities, or other post secondary schools attended. Include Name of School, Location, Dates of Attendance and Degrees received.

If previous college program was not completed, state reason. Applicants who have attended another school of nursing, RN or LPN, and left prior to completion must request a letter from the Nursing Program Director to be sent to the Clinton Community College's Nursing Program Director indicating the circumstances under which the student withdrew.

Other educational, travel, and/or community service experience:

Do you have any prior health related experience (nurse aide, medic, LPN, etc.) ? If Yes, please describe and include length of service.

How would you rate your own general health? *

Have you ever been dismissed from Clinton or another college for a disciplinary reason? *

If you have previously attended Clinton, were you academically dismissed in the last semester you attended?

In the space below, please write an account of (1) your experiences and activities since you last attended school, if more than six months have elapsed, (2) all the things you have accomplished that have given you the greatest satisfaction, (3) what you most enjoy doing in your leisure time, (4) your reasons for selecting nursing as a career, (5) any special reason for desiring to entering this school, and (6) your plans and aspirations for the future. Include any data or facts relative to your application which you feel are important and which may not have been covered elsewhere. *