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Online Degree Programs

Earn Your Degree Completely Online!

Online learning courses have the same content and standards as on-campus courses. The quality of teaching and learning online is as high as on-campus courses. Students take tests, write papers, complete homework assignments, ask and answer questions, and participate in discussions via the internet.  The Business Administration A.S. (Transfer), Business Administration A.A.S. (Career) and Liberal Arts: Humanities/Social Science A.A. degrees can be completed COMPLETELY ONLINE:


Business Administration A.S. (Transfer)

This business Administration curriculum is designed for students planning to transfer to upper division colleges in preparation for careers in marketing, sales, finance, and related business fields. Students may also choose electives to qualify for immediate entry into training programs in government, business, and industry. The curriculum is sufficiently broad to provide the student with adequate studies in humanities and social science.

See the degree requirements.

Contact Michael P. Zerrahn, the Business Department Chairperson.


Business Administration A.A.S. (Career)

The business career program in business administration has been developed for students contemplating careers in the expanding field of marketing, sales, retailing, advertising, personnel, office manage ment and other related fields. The curriculum provides specialized training in management, as well as a comprehensive general education.

See the degree requirements.

Contact Michael P. Zerrahn, the Business Department Chairperson.


Liberal Arts: Humanities/Social Science A.A.

The Liberal Arts field is a general education degree pattern which requires a student to take a sampling of courses in all the various disciplines which make up the overall category of Liberal Arts— humanities, social sciences, mathematics, and science. Beside sampling courses in all the various categories listed above, the Liberal Arts—Humanities-Social Sciences major will begin to take more courses in the humanities area (art, drama, music, English, literature, etc.) and social sciences area (sociology, psychology, political science, history, etc.) junior year of study, the student will take many courses in one of these specialized areas to gain a strong base of knowledge. Upon transfer to a senior level college for the junior year of study, the student will take many courses in one of these specialized areas to gain a strong base of knowledge. Students in liberal arts often go on to graduate school for even more specialized training or go into the fields of law and medicine.

See the degree requirements.

Contact Ian M. Burcroff for Fine Arts, Jarrod P. Cone for Social Sciences, or Carey L. Goyette for English.

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In addition to being able to complete these degrees online, online courses also provide the following benefits:
  • You can complete most General Education Requirements for other CCC degree programs online.
  • You can complete the first two semesters of most CCC degree programs online.
Books and other class materials can also be ordered through the bookstore.

Here are the steps to register.

For further information contact Vicky L. Sloan, the Online Learning Coordinator, or call (518) 562-4281.

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