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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society New Members Announced

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The current members, officers and advisors of the Phi Theta Kappa Honor society are proud to present our newest members! Below is a list of students that were recently inducted. We welcome and congratulate our newest members.

Margarita Acero
Anna Benway
Erica Brooks
Melinda Clark
Regen Cushing
Tracey Ducharme
Thera Emerson
Adriane Emery
Katelyn Jenkins
Hiroka Kodera
Jared Lacey
Rebecca Lally
Nicholas Lang
Jeffrey Mattioli
Trisha Otis
Mandi Spofford
Michelle Spooner
Melinda St. John
Ethan Stansbury
Mary Cate Taffner
Mary-Ali Taft
Richard Tarabula
Wayne Terpstra
Johanah Turner
Colleen Twomey-Mulvey
Sharon Waldenmaier
Xuan - Libby Wang
Bryant Watson