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Renovation of the Moore Building - Updates

Update: March 26,2019
Fly Around Video of Moore Renovation Project - click HERE to view video.

Message from President DiPasquale:
The Moore Building Restoration/Renovation Project (AKA Clinton 2020) will begin approximately May 20, 2019 with an expected completion date of October 2020. The restoration will include new exterior insulation and finish on the façade, 464 new energy-efficient windows, 20 exterior doors, 10 interior doors as well as replacement of balcony and window railings to match the original architectural style.

This 107-year old building will also have the verandas repaired and/or rebuilt as well as repair of the columns on both verandas. New loading dock, exterior concrete stairs, veranda railings, as well as electronic access controls are all included in this nearly $12 million renovation.

Visit this page often to find out what is happening with the project and when offices will be relocating. We appreciate everyone's patience as we move forward with the transformation of this historical site.

Office Relocations:
3/20/19:    Processing Center; Stafford Building, Room 137
                       Jenny Szalkowski, Typist

April 24, 2019:    
Admissions and Financial Aid
Stafford Building, Room 103T
    Ania Miarka-Grzelak, Dean of Enrollment Management
    Mary LaPierre, Director of Financial Aid
    Donna Dixon, Admissions Advisor
    Paula Brooks, Financial Aid Advisor
    Jamie Dupell, Student Enrollment Specialist
    Kayla Mucia, Administrative Assistant
    Keri Denchick, Typist

April 24, 2019
Administration/Finance/Bursar's Office
Stafford Building, Room 111T
    Mary LaValley Blaine, Controller (will relocate on 5/16/19)
    Holly Barcomb, Assistant Bursar
    Michelle Drollette, Staff Accountant

April 24, 2019
Registrar's Office
Stafford Building, Room 302T
    Lauren Currie, Registrar
    Dana Martineau, Typist

April 24, 2019
Counseling and Advisement
Stafford Building, Rooms 311T/315T
    Chrisa O'Connell, SSS Coordinator
    Wendy Grossmann, SSS Counselor/Advisor
    Jonathan Reid, Student Support Counselor
    Carla Wells, Typist
April 30, 2019
Student Affairs

Moore Building, Room 113M
    John Borner, Dean of Student Services

April 30, 2019
Institutional Research

Moore Building, Room 205M
    Jessica Aubrey, Data Analyst

May 2, 2019
Business Office/Purchasing
Moore Building, Room 103M
    Darlene McPherson-Burnham, Staff Accountant
    Darlene Dowd, Administrative Assistant
    Kelly Dragoon, Purchasing Clerk

May 7, 2019
Human Resources

Moore Building, Room 409M
    Cheryl Lawrence, HR Associate

May 7, 2019
Instructional Technology

Moore Building, Rooms 420M/417M
    Faith Carter, Systems Programmer/Analyst
    Darcy Purick, Technology Coordinator

May 8, 2019
Academic Affairs
Moore Building, Room 405M
    Dr. John Kowal, Vice President
    Barbara Golden, Administrative Assistant

May 9, 2018
Nurse's Office
Stafford Building, Room 107T
    Sandra Marland, PT Nurse

May 9, 2019
Campus Life and Career Services

Stafford Building, Room 109T
    Sarah McCarty, Director of Campus Life
    Derek Payne, Career Services Coordinator

May 14, 2019
President's Office
Moore Building, Room 107M
    Ray DiPasquale, President
    Tammy Villanueva, Assistant to President

May 14, 2019
Center for Community & Workforce Development (CCWD)

IAM Building, First Floor Lobby
    Angela Kelley, Development Specialist
    Nancy Simpson, PT Typist