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Funding Opportunities for Professional Development

Professional Development Funds Distribution
To apply for professional development funds please see

Westfall Professional Development Grants
Each year the Foundation Board, through its budgeting process, identifies a sum of money to be awarded to faculty or staff to be used for professional development activities.  Applications are available in the beginning of the fall semester.  There are two scholarships awarded in October - one for up to $1,000 for a full time faculty/staff member, and one for up to $500 for a part time faculty/staff member.  Funds can be used to attend a conference, obtain certification, conduct a research project, develop a project/idea, or another such endeavor that enhances their contribution to the CCC community and mission. Details are available in the Foundation Office.

Tuition-Free Courses
College employees are permitted to take job-related courses for credit or non-credit, or audit any course or workshop offered by the College (adopted by Board, October 18,1994) tuition–free. Employees may take up to four (4) credits and two (2) non-credit workshops per semester. Applications to take courses may be obtained in the Human Resources Office. Employees must register for non job-related courses on a seats available basis.

Employees will pay lab fees (e.g. Biology) and any special fees or charges related to the course or workshops. Student Activity Fees will be waived. Authorization to take additional credit hours may be granted at the discretion of the President or his/her designee.

Part-time adjunct faculty who teach credit-bearing courses and who have contracted with the College to provide instructional services for a specific enrollment period, shall be permitted to enroll, during the same period of enrollment, in a maximum of four (4) credit hours or a maximum of two (2) non-credit workshops on a seats available basis. (Seats available basis will be determined the first day of class. “Tuition free” registration cannot take place before that day.) Tuition and student activity fees will be waived for these courses. All other related fees and material costs will be paid for by the part-time faculty member. (Amended resolution adopted by the Board in November, 1999.)

SUNY Tuition Assistance for Academic Year
Clinton Community College is granted yearly funds for the SUNY Tuition and Fee Assistance Program. Campus allocations are determined according to a formula based on FTE enrollments. This statewide initiative program is an excellent and important source of professional development funding, and provides tuition reimbursement for full-time faculty and professional staff who pursue formal coursework.

Clinton Community College personnel who are full time in the employment classifications listed with Human Resources may apply for these funds using the employee tuition waiver application forms available in the Human Resources Office. We will fund tuition requests at an 80% reimbursement level, up to a maximum of six (6) credit hours per year. The requests are approved and funded on a “first-come first-serve” basis.

The waivers are good for enrollment in both undergraduate and graduate level coursework at SUNY colleges and universities. Beginning January 1, 2002, IRS rulings allow exclusion of up to $5,250 per year of educational assistance benefits received from a qualified program provided by an employer for both graduate and undergraduate courses whether the course is job-related or not. Benefits exceeding the $5,250 threshold are generally taxable.