Environmental Technology A.A.S.


The Environmental Science Technology program at Clinton Community College is designed to prepare students for employment in careers related to environmental science technology. Students who successfully complete this two-year program will be awarded the degree of Associate in Applied Science (AAS).

Program Mission:

"The mission of the Environmental Technology AAS Program is to provide majors with a broad-based educational experience that prepares them to enter the workforce as environmental technicians or for transfer into baccalaureate programs at four-year institutions in the environmental and earth sciences."

Program Goals:

The program will:

  • prepare Environmental Technology majors to problem-solve.
  • prepare Environmental Technology majors to use appropriate technology.
  • prepare Environmental Technology majors to accurately collect and record data in field and laboratory settings.
  • prepare Environmental Technology majors to communicate effectively.

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Program Type:

Associate Degrees


Gary L. Henry
Phone Number: (518) 562-4363
or Call 562-4200 Extension:363

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