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Student Leadership and Student Senate
Student Senate

Clinton Community College's Student Senate is made up of dedicated students who are elected each academic year to serve as a collective voice for the general student body. The Senate ensures the rights and privileges of the student in academic and nonacademic matters are preserved. The government is responsible for the administration of the student activities fee monies. It is the deciding body to charter student organizations, to allocate funds from activities fees to those organizations, and to coordinate their activities, within the policies of the State University of New York and those of Clinton Community College.

These students are leaders who share an interest in the general welfare of the college at large.  

Student Senators:

Penny Amero, President
Brandon Walburg, Vice President
Mike Bola, Treasurer 
Katelynn Dennis, Secretary
Amy Lafferty, Student Trustee Representative to the Board


Mathieu Averill
Karisma Garcia
Morgan Sholits
Jimmy Styles

Faculty Advisors:

Dawn Maille
Shaun Irland

Ashley Morales

Student Activities Board:

Sarah L. McCarty

Senate is held every Monday:

12:00pm in the Student Senate Boardroom
Room 109M

We Welcome You to Join Us!

Faculty Advisor: Dawn M. Maille (Room 503M)
Faculty Advisor: Shaun E. Irland (Room 514M)

Contacting members of your Student Government  regarding suggestions, issues or concerns on campus can be done by emailing the Student Senate.