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When Do I Register?

Current students see your advisor, new students contact the Admissions Office.

ON-LINE Registration for spring 2018 begins as outlined below. Please see your advisor to review degree requirements and select your courses. Your advisor must open your portal in order for you to have access to register.

o October 26, 2017– Students in the two-year nursing program and May 2018 graduates. Note: Graduates must turn in a completed graduation worksheet in advance in order to qualify for online registration.

o Monday, October 30, 2017– Continuing matriculated students who have completed 15 or greater credits (not including Fall 2017 courses)

o Tuesday, October 31, 2017– All other continuing matriculated students and re-admitted students

Current non-matriculated students may begin registering on Monday, November 6th in person at the Registrar's Office or by faxing a non-matriculated registration form to the registrar.

New students may begin registering on Monday, November 6th, 2017
To see more information about the new On-Line Registration Process, go to: