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Placement Testing Info

CCC Placement Testing Information

Why am I taking these tests?
Before you register for your first semester at Clinton Community College, you will be taking placement tests.  Although the tests are required, they are not entrance exams and do not affect your acceptance as a Clinton Community College student.  Rather, the tests are designed to help you plan a successful program of study. The placement tests will help you and your advisor understand the strengths and weak points you have now in these areas:  vocabulary, reading comprehension, essay writing, arithmetic, and algebra.  

Can I prepare for the placement tests?
Yes!  Be well rested and ready to concentrate for approximately 2 1/2 hours of testing.  You should also review this English Study Guide and Math Study Guide. In addition, the math department has provided this link for math practice.

When do I need to take the placement tests?
Upon payment of your tuition deposit, you will receive a list of placement test and registration dates.  Because you need to take the tests prior to selecting your courses, we recommend you test as soon as possible after your acceptance to the College.  Choose a test date from the list of dates offered and call to reserve a seat.  Full-time Freshman are scheduled to test by the Admissions Office. Please call (518) 562-4170 to schedule a date.  Transfer students and all part-time students should contact the Counseling & Advisement Office at (518) 562-4199.  Unfortunately, due to the various options of scheduling and exemptions, we are unable to offer on-line scheduling for placement testing.

Please arrange to be on time for your scheduled tests.  Students who arrive late may be asked to reschedule. 

What do I do if I need testing accomodations?
Students with a disability or temporarily disabling condition should contact Laurie Bethka, Learning Resource Specialist, at (518) 562-4252 to make arrangements for accommodated testing.

What do I bring to the tests?
There is no charge for the tests.  You must have a picture ID with you.  Please bring a #2 Pencil.  Food and drink are not allowed in the testing room.  Also, no textbooks, notebooks, dictionaries, or other papers will be allowed.

Who is exempt from taking this test? 

Students may be exempted from sections of placement testing if they have:

1. Successfully completed a college level writing and/or math course at another college and earned a "C" or better, as demonstrated on an official college transcript.

2. Scored 500 and above on the Reading and Writing sections of the SAT; or 21 and higher on the Reading and English sections of the ACT.  They will be exempt from the corresponding section of the Placement Exam.

3. Scored 80 or above on the NYS Algebra 2/Trigonometry Regents, NYS Math B Regents (NYS Regents Course III); or scored 500 or above on the math SAT; or scored 20 or above on the math section of the ACT.

Students who qualify must identify themselves with the Admissions Office to be exempt from testing.

How will I receive my test scores?
If you are a full-time freshman, you will receive your placement test results when you come to the College for registration.  Transfer students and part-time students should call the Counseling and Advisement Office at (518) 562-4199 to make an appointment to review their placement test results and register for courses.