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Clearly Clinton Campaign

In September 2014, Governor Cuomo announced the names of five colleges to receive funding from a SUNY 2020 grant. It was a very competitive grant to be used for “brick and mortar” projects designed to stimulate economic development in local regions. Clinton Community College, along with our local business and economic partners, received the second highest award of $12.7 million dollars for the construction of a new “Advanced Manufacturing Institute” on campus.

This unprecedented award has had an enormous impact on phase one of the capital campaign to build a 21st Century Learning Commons for our students. The need for a modern facility where our students can access a new contemporary library, tutoring center, accommodative services center, modern and convenient group study space, reading rooms, snack bar, and computer labs has not changed. What has changed is that we can now accomplish this goal by renovating an existing building instead of constructing a new building. As a result of the $12.7 million dollar grant, all of the college’s technology program classrooms and lab space will be moved to the new AMI building leaving the first floor of our existing Stafford Building to be renovated for the proposed Learning Commons.

A combination of remodeling and some new construction will allow the Learning Commons to move into the vacated space in the Stafford Building for a price of $3 million dollars. With SUNY’s support of 50% for capital projects, the Clearly Clinton Campaign goal is $1.5 million.

To date, $1 million dollars has already been committed to the campaign specifically for the Learning Commons. That leaves $500,000 left to be raised in private support. The deadline to wrap up Phase One of the campaign is still December 2016. We are now so much closer to reaching our original goal of providing a modern learning commons for our students and the community!

The AMI presents an opportunity to add a Phase Two of the Clearly Clinton Campaign to name the actual AMI building and all the labs & classrooms inside. Funds raised through this campaign will help provide scholarships and endowments for students along with faculty and other academic program support. This is a golden opportunity to help enable the long-term vitality for our community.

Local manufacturing companies, related supporting businesses, and interested individual donors will be asked to consider supporting the new AMI. In return, they can have their business or family name prominently displayed on various spaces on and inside the new building. The goal for this phase of the campaign is $3.5 million dollars with a finish date of October 2018.

If you have questions, would like to make a gift, schedule a tour the campus with a new “eye” for the Learning Commons and Advanced Manufacturing Institute, or refer friends and colleagues to the Clearly Clinton Campaign, please contact Steve Frederick (518)562-4103.

Thank you for making the decision to support the Clinton Community College Foundation through a tax-deductible gift.  Your generous support will ensure that the college remains at the forefront of higher education in the North Country and allow the college to prosper, academically excel and ensure a future for generations to come.

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