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Alumni Cottage Information

The New Home of the CCC
Alumni Association

Come Visit!!!

Exciting things are happening for the CCC Alumni Association, as a dream has becomes a reality.  The goal of the Alumni Association to restore one of the original Hotel Champlain Cottages of 1890 to its historic beauty has been realized!

  The cottage now serves as the new home to the Alumni Association and Development offices. 

The New Home of the CCC Alumni Association

A Peek Inside...

Original Woodwork will be restored to maintain its historic integrity and beauty

 And the Work Begins...

CCC Buildings and Grounds removed the garage from the back of the cottage in July, 2006

Coming Down...

The garage is now gone and construction will begin shortly...

On April 14, 2007 Conroy and Conroy arrived on site and
construction  on the new addition began

Thanks to numerous volunteers working on the CCC Alumni Cottage,
progress was made on both the interior and exterior.