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2005-06 Tuition and Fees

2005 - 2006 TUITION AND FEES

Full Time:
Students earning 12 or more credit hours are considered full time. Students registering for more than 18 credit hours per semester will be charged $125 (NYS Residents), $312.50 (non-residents) for each additional semester hour in excess of 18 credit hours.

  • Fee of intent (non-refundable deposit): $50*
  • Tuition, full-time, NYS residents: $3020.00 per academic year
  • Tuition, full-time, non residents: $7550.00 per academic year
  • Student activity fee: $65.00 per semester
  • Alumni Association Dues (optional)  $5 each Fall and Spring semesters
  • Insurance, Mandatory accident $36.00 per academic year
  • Insurance, Nurse's malpractice $22.00 per academic year

*Note: the fee of intent of $50 is only for first-time, full-time students or students admitted to selective admissions programs (such as Nursing and Medical Lab Technology)

Part Time:
These are the rates per credit hour for students taking less than 12 credit hours per semester:

  • Tuition, NYS residents: $125.00 per credit hour
  • Tuition, non residents: $312.50 per credit hour
  • Student activity fee: $5.00 per credit hour
  • Alumni fee (optional): $5.00 each Fall and Spring semester

Summer session tuition is assesed at the Part-Time rate, regardless of number of hours enrolled