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High School REUNION


Welcome to the 30th reunion of the Class of '79! Everyone
you ever loved, hated, had a crush on, or wanted to punch in the face will be there. They are just older, bigger, and angrier. Old scores will be settled, old games replayed, and new (or should we say old) love will be found.

Singing and dancing to an amazing score by Van Zandt, Milmore & Nick DeGregorio, including I Hope They Know Me, I Want To Bang Miss Blumquist, and the show stopping I'll Never Dance With You

It's the funniest reunion you will ever attend!

Theater on the Bluff 
Sponsored by CCC Drama Club

Show Dates:
November 21, 22, 23 

Show time: 

Pre-Ticket Sales are no longer available online.

Tickets are still available at the Door.

$10.00 General Public

$5.00 CCC student,
 faculty and staff 

(parental advisory due to language and situations inappropriate for children)