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Directory of Staff and Faculty

The contact page for the faculty or staff member you were trying to contact is no longer available. Please use the current faculty and staff listing below and search options to find and alternative person to contact.

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Name Title Department Telephone
Abel, Timothy Adjunct Instructor
Advisement, Counseling and Counseling and Advisement Office Counseling and Advisement 562-4199
Aid Mailbox, Financial Financial Aid Mailbox Financial Aid 562-4125
Alexander, Diana Tennis Instructor Athletics
Alexander, Kathaleen Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Academic Affairs Academic Affairs 562-4110
Alonge, Gregory Security Officer Security 562-4215
Alphonso, Angela Associate Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 562-4227
Armstrong, Thomas Adjunct Instructor Mathematics Department 562-4336
Arnold, Eric Associate Professor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation 562-4228
Arthur, Bridgette Adjunct Instructor English Department 562-4176
Assistance, CCC Assistance Email 562-4200
Azarkadeh, Chahbaz Adjunct Instructor 562-4200