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Name Title Department Telephone
Baker, Aimee Adjunct Instructor English Department 562-4176
Barcomb, Holly Assistant Bursar Bursar's Office 562-4134
Barnaby, Angela Professor Mathematics Department 562-4271
Batchelder, Rick Director of Information Technology Information Technology 562-4106
Baughman, Mary Ellen Adjunct Instructor
Bethka, Laurie Learning Disabilities Specialist Accommodative Services 562-4252
Bibeau, Duane Instructor Technology Department 562-4305
Bigelow, Russell Adjunct Instructor Health, Physical Education, and Recreation
Biolsi, William Adjunct Instructor
Borner, John Dean of Student Affairs Student Affairs 562-4121
Braley, Tiffany Education Specialist
Branfalt, Timothy Adjunct Instructor English Department
Brassard, Devin Adjunct Instructor
Brightwell, Gina Associate Director of College Relations College Relations 562-4160
Brooks, Paula Financial Aid Advisor Financial Aid 562-4239
Brown, Gib Adjunct Meteorology Instructor Science Department 562-4346
Buffett, Scott Assistant Professor / Technology Department Chair Technology Department 562-4303
Bull, Chris Security Officer Security
Burcroff, Ian Assistant Professor / Humanities Department Chair Humanities 562-4347
Burgin, Christa Adjunct Instructor English Department
Busby, Michael Resident Director/Women's Basketball 562-4191
Bushey, Bernie Building Maintenance Mechanic Buildings and Grounds 562-4216